A shed can help you solve most of your storage problems, especially when it comes to your outdoor tools. If you’re looking for a place where you can do your latest woodworking projects, then a shed can help you with that, too.

According to Handyman, modular construction with inexpensive materials can make shed construction easy and cheap. So, there’s really little to no reason why you should not add a shed to your home.

Here’s an easy guide to building a shed:

  1. Get a permit.

Before you start your construction of sheds, ask the local building department whether you need a permit to build a shed. If it is, determine how close you can get to the lot lines.

  1. Build the foundation.

Once you’ve settled the legal requirements of the construction, you can start making the foundation of your shed.  Dig two trenches in your chosen location. Ideally, these trenches should be 16 inches wide x 12 inches deep x 13 feet long. Then, fill the trenches with gravel until they are full.

To create the floor frame, you can use 6x6s and set them on the gravel. Make sure that they are parallel and that their outside edges are 6 feet apart. In this step, make sure that you mark the electrical wires so that nobody can accidentally dig them in the future.

  1. Create the walls.

Create the wall with 2x4s. Cut them according to the appropriate length. Set them apart 2 feet from one another, and attach them with a framing hammer. Do this four times to create four different frames for each side of your shed. Make adjustments on the wall for the door and windows.

  1. Build the roof.

Building the roof usually takes longer time. However, if you don’t have much to spare, you can follow this unconventional guide.

First, cut the rafter using the set pattern shown below:

Then, saw the 2x4s for the roof’s subfascia and ridge and make the rafter’s position on them. Then, line the rafters and nail the subfascia and ridge to make them secure. Once you are done with the frame, line the subfascia on your platform, and use toe screw to tack them and hold the frame. Set the panel on the side while you build another one.

  1. Let the walls stand.

Slowly bring the wall panels you’ve made and place them on your platform. Align the corner of the back and side walls. Nail them against each other. Make sure that all top plates of the connected wall panels are attached securely to each other. In this part, you will need someone to help you.

  1. Position the roof.

Move the roof panels into a good position. Lean them on the back and front walls of the shed. With two or more helpers and a ladder, slowly push the panels upwards. Make sure that you align them with the wall’s peak.

  1. Attach the door.

For the door, you can order a pre-hung wood door or build one yourself. The previous one will be more convenient, and it will help you save some time. You just have attached in on the front wall.


Once you have all parts in place, you can start painting the shed. If you can’t take the time to build the shed yourself, you can always ask for professional help.


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