Are you looking start your projects for woodworking? You don’t have an idea to start your first project. Don’t worry; we will help you to start your first project. There are many projects are available to execute as a beginner in woodworking, that seems not to take a whole lot of time, tools and experience. In this article you will find many simple ideas that any person can put together, even with left over pieces of lumber laying around the house.

Cutting Board

Cutting Board is an ideal thing to starting project of beginners. You can start this project because it doesn’t need a lot of tools. To start working with this item you may want to pick a hard wood such as maple or oak. Cutting board is an easy woodworking project to initiate with if you need to gain knowledge of the basics of woodworking. Smooth your board following the wood grain.

Regular Bird House

Regular Bird House is a classic easy woodworking project and there are many styles for creating it. It can be made with almost several kind of wood with the exception of treated wood. The types of birds that use bird houses are:

  1. Bluebirds
  2. Wrens
  3. Chickadees
  4. Tree Swallows

When building bird houses it’s important to know what types of birds you’ll be building the house for. One size does not fit all when it comes to building bird houses. Bluebirds and House Wrens have different entrance holes size and height requirements. While it’s possible to get birds to nest in any bird house you build, you’ll have greater success attracting the birds you want by building nest boxes to the proper size, and using the correct materials and dimensions.

Building a bird house can be a wonderful way to spend time with children and it is good to you start doing your project. It can be a fun way for a child to learn about nature and stay entertained at the same time. And you can increase your experience well.

Wooden Planter

Making wooden planter is the better way to make your wife happy and you can build a few wooden planters to embellish the yard with flowers. So you can deposit a thin plastic liner in the base to protect the wood. You don’t forget to drill holes too to allow the surplus of water to drip down

There are many way you can build the wooden planter. Here is some for you,

  • Window Planter Boxes for Your Verandah
  • Planter Box to Fit Your Deck
  • Raised Planter for the Patio
  • Salad Box for a Small Space
  • Planter Box for Vegetable Gardening
  • Normal Wooden Planter Box
  • DIY Planter Boxes
  • Star Planter Box design
  • Custom Flower Planter for Bougainvillea
  • Multi-Level Raised Planter Box
  • And so on…

Picture Frame

Picture Frame is other easy and creative project where you can be do it to decorate your walls. You decide to purchase some elegant wood and use the best rated framing nail guns to build picture frame. It will realize you the economic difference to buy a new picture frame.  So, it is better to start with a small one to grow familiar with picture framing. It will give a way to execute it and next time you can try doing bigger ones.

Firewood Storage Box

You can make the firewood storage boxes to store your firewood in dry and the most beautiful firewood storage boxes are made with old wooden boards and that gives them a nice antique look. Similarly, you can create smaller chests for storing toys, pencil boxes, bird feeders, key holders, decorative crafts, and so on.