It will soon be winter and even in the latter months of autumn, there will be a need to start heating your home once again. Domestic fuel prices have gone up above the rate of inflation, year on year, since the energy companies took over from a nationalised industry, and we will again be tasked to find the cheapest, environmentally-friendly and versatile heating solution possible.

Think: Air Source Heat Pumps

If you take on board air source heat pumps as an eco-friendly heating system, you are definitely on the right track. These devices are compatible with heating systems built in under the floor boards and radiators mounted against the wall systems. They are designed to be used in conjunction with your electric boiler or oil ignition boilers when connecting up to a hot water system, already present.

At ISO Energy you can source air heat pumps, which may also be an ideal solution for those without suitably sized land area, where a ground source system simply won’t be practical to fit. This also applies to brand new properties with a heavy insulation fitted. And if you have an outdoor swimming pool, an air source heat pump would be ideal as a heating solution.

All the heat pumps sold at ISO Energy are specifically designed and fitted with advanced controllers that balance which systems are functioning while heating and hot water is being distributed throughout the property. This system also compensates for adverse cold or extreme heat outside by adjusting the output levels accordingly.

Low Cost and Eco-Friendly

Air source heat pumps work by means of extracting energy in the form of heat from external air. In a sense it is the opposite of what a refrigerator does when it pulls heat out of the unit and pumps it out. It is known as a gas compression cycle.

Running costs are low because you will not have to lay the ground arrays and pull heat from below your garden.  And this system works because of the British climate; because air temperatures are often higher than those within the ground.

Are All Air Source Heat Pumps the Same?

There are two types actually:

An air to air system producing warm air and then circulating it through ducting via fans, which in turn will warm your home – and an air to water system that provides heat via the central heating.