Are you a homeowner and you think heating or cooling your home is very expensive? Then you can benefit from carrying out energy efficient home improvements. An energy efficient home is also much more economical and is also environmentally responsible. You can make your home cooler or warmer and more comfortable when you consider sealing air leaks and improve the insulation in your attic. Also, if you have an older home taken step to improve energy efficiency is likely to be far more beneficial than you think.

Indeed, effects are likely to be as far reaching as helping to create a viable home performance industry while improving our environment.

What is energy efficient home improvement?

In simple form energy efficient home improvement means creating a home that is comfortable and consumes less energy than it should cool or heat because it sealed against air leaks and insulated against cases of heat transfer. By taking steps to consider energy efficiency, you’ll be able to improve the energy efficiency of your home – and that means you will be saving on energy bills. Listed below are some of how you can improve your home energy efficiency:

  1. Window insulations

You can experience loss of heat when you have un-insulated, if your windows are older or if you have single glazed windows. However, when you take the steps of replacing your older windows with energy efficient ones you will be able to prevent further loss of heat and improve the comfort of your home. You can also reduce heat loss to the outside when you apply heavy drapes across the windows during the winter.

  1. Door insulations

One of the simple things you may want to consider when air sealing your homes if you have glass doors, is draft proofing or weather stripping; preventing heat from escaping also means you’re preventing draughts from entering rooms. You will be able to make a quick big difference to your home as these applications are quick and simple to install.

  1. Duct Sealing

You might experience issues like heat loss via poorly sealed openings, gaps around the seals of the ducts and so on if you have reverse cycle air conditioning. A heating older home that is prone to be draughty means you might be releasing a large proportion of that heat outside conditioned space. You can easily correct these problems without inhibiting the function of the system with the help of a professional home performance improvement contractor.

  1. Air Sealing

This means sealing visible draft spots in your home. If you have a draft under a door, you may be able to stop it with a weather strip. A professional can seal your home quite tightly to improve energy efficiency and prevent loss of heat from these locations.

  1. Roof/Attic

One of the most effective and best insulation procedures is the Attic Insulation. The reason is that it helps keep the warmth in during the cold months and the heat out in the hot months. You would be creating one of the most important cost savers energy efficient home when you insulate your attic.

Why should homeowners care about energy efficiency?

As a homeowner, you should carry out improvements that ensure energy efficiency can return the money you’ve lost. You will also be efficiently cutting out wastage when you air seal, insulate and improve your home correctly. Attic insulation in your and basement alone can reduce your energy bill by around 20% or more. So think about energy saving your home today.

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