When the time comes to install a new roof or refurbish and repair, you may want to consider EPDM, a one-piece roofing membrane that provides a number of benefits that you don’t get with felt roofing or resin-bonded roofs. Many people have found this to be the perfect choice for roofing and cladding for several reasons.

Over the Existing Roof

EPDM can be placed on an existing roof without the expense of stripping the current cover. You benefit from quick completion of the project; plus, you preserve and use existing insulation. Many clients prefer to have the roofers supply and fit a new plywood deck and then apply the new membrane. However, EPDM can be installed on a plywood surface that you have installed by your own contractor.

Get started by visiting the website of West Yorkshire roofers who bring plenty of experience to the task of installing the best membrane roofing available today. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a very durable synthetic-rubber membrane perfect for low-slope buildings and can be the perfect choice for both domestic customers and trade customers.

Experience Is Important

When you work with one of the leading roofing providers in the region, you’ll benefit from more than two decades of experience in this specialty. Subcontractors and trades associates often depend on this solution to help them finish their own contracts. Because the product is so durable and dependable, customers recommend this method or return again and again to take advantage of a 20-year product guarantee.

If you need a dependable roofing material suitable for use in such public locations as schools, factories, etc., EPDM is the right choice. When it’s time to make a roofing selection for new developments, rapid repairs on damaged roofs, factories, offices, and other commercial buildings, this is the source.