Essential Hydroponic Equipment

Growing plants or vegetables with hydroponics requires a few essential items of equipment in order to ensure healthy plants and complete success.

Different equipment is needed in terms of growing, protecting and maintaining the plants. The good news is that hydroponic equipment is extremely cost-effective and will not put a strain on the finances. Also, hydroponic equipment is designed to fit any space, so don’t worry about the size of the room which the plants are being grown in.

Read this guide to the essential hydroponics equipment.

Essential Hydroponic Equipment

Growing Tents

A quality growing tent is essential. Qube tents are made from durable material which allows the correct amount of light through in order to help plants grow healthily. These tents will prevent overexposure to sunlight. Growing tents are fitted with viewing holes and handling slots in order to minimise the chances of contamination occurring.

Growing Lights

Growing lights are an essential piece of kit which will allow plants to grow at a natural rate. Lights should be positioned at a safe distance away from plants to prevent the heat wilting the leaves or evaporating the growing solution.

Growing lights can be angled in different directions in order to maximise the chances of plants growing properly.

Growing Solution

Choosing the right solution to grow plants in should be given some careful thought. There are various substances to choose from: soil and soil-less mixtures are the most popular choices for growing plants in. One main advantage of soil is that it has an extremely stable PH level. Coco, as the name suggests, is made up of coconut husks and creates a moist environment for roots to develop. Hydroton is made of clay which allows a lot of oxygen to pass through the water being used on the plants. Trial and error is the best method for finding preferred growing solutions.

Osmosis System

An osmosis system is designed to remove pollutants and sediments from water in order to keep plants as healthy as possible. Filtration systems are available in a range of different sizes which will suit individual growing environments.

Neglecting to use a filtration system could cause debris and sediments to build up quickly.

PH Meter

PH refers to how alkaline or acidic the growing environment is. The PH level of the growing solution needs to be monitored extremely closely to make sure that plants are not harmed. Ideally, the PH level of the solution should be between 5.8 and 6.2 at all times.


Choosing the correct fertiliser will ensure that plants grow healthily. Nutrients designed for flowers are high in phosphorous and potassium whilst nutrients designed for vegetables and plants will be high in nitrogen. Make sure to read and understand the ingredients of fertiliser before making a purchase.

Pesticide and Fungicide

Pesticide and fungicide will help to protect plants and flowers from harm. Insects and moulds can destroy plants and flowers and ruin weeks of hard work.

Room Temperature Monitor

A room temperature model which help to prevent plants from growing in an environment which is either too hot or too cold.

Why not buy this hydroponic equipment today and start growing some tasty vegetables or eye-catching flowers?