There are some important steps to a successful office refurbishment project that you may be tempted to skip, but skipping these important steps won’t save you time or money, for in fact, it could result in just the opposite – more time and money spent to achieve the same results. With that in mind, it’s very important that you fully understand what’s involved in an office fitout and refurbishment project, starting by sourcing a skilled interior design team with extensive experience in office refurbishments.

Source the Right Interior Design Team

You may choose to evaluate and work out how much you can afford to allocate to your project before you start looking for an interior design team to carry out the project. However, it’s a much better idea to source the right interior design team first, because you need to factor the costs of their professional services into your budget as well, plus they’ll assist you with your budget planning and related tasks.

Choosing a design team to work with is a major task, but it needs to be done and you need to get it right the first time. With that in mind, take note of the following points to select the best team for the job:

  • Experience in office refurbishments is essential. Ensure the interior design team you hire for the job has extensive experience in the kind of project that you’re looking at carrying out.
  • Ask to see recent examples of their work and speak to satisfied clients. Evidence of their experience is essential, so make sure they’re happy to show you what they’re capable of.
  • Costs are important. You will undoubtedly have a limit to how much you can spend on the project, so procure at least three quotes before deciding which interior design team to hire.

Don’t rush the process of sourcing the right design team for the job. Office refurbishment projects take months to plan and carry out, so allow yourself ample time to source and hire the ideal interior design team like Saracen Interiors for your office refurbishment project. The difference that working with the right office refurbishment and interior design team can make to the outcome of your project is phenomenal, so don’t overlook this important step in the planning of a successful office fitout project.

Achieving the Right Design

The office refurbishment and design team that you’ve chosen to work with will get to know what you and do and how your business works to design a fantastic office space for you and your employees, but don’t overlook the benefits of doing your own research and coming up with some design ideas of your own.

After all, you know your business, work processes, employees and the ins and outs of your current workplace layout better than they do, so researching office designs, different office products (chairs, desks, workstations, etc.), and coming up with a few excellent office design ideas of your own will prove inherently advantageous and increase the many great design options that you have to select from. It’s essential that you play a role in the design of your new office space if it’s to prove a successful project.

Source Great Furniture

When researching office designs, taking the time to research your furniture options is a very wise move that will help you achieve the very best results. The office refurbishment agency you work with will surely be able to help you with suppliers, but there’s a lot to be said for doing your own research to see what else is available to you. You may find that the suppliers they recommend are the best option, but:

  • You will get a good understanding of prices and products
  • You will get some more ideas to think about and discuss
  • You can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible

The selection of office furniture available is phenomenal, to put things mildly, and you would, therefore, be limiting yourself if you were to only consider the suppliers that the agency recommended for you.

Temporary Office Space

In most cases, the office refurbishment agency you work with can plan the project around your business activities and the regular hours your employees work. However, in some cases businesses may need to source a temporary office space while the office refurbishments are carried out. Discuss this very important issue with the agency while in the initial planning stages, as you need to know in advance of any disruptions to your business activities, especially if you’ll need to source a temporary office space.

Streamlining Office Infrastructure and Equipment

Office refurbishment projects present business organisations with many excellent opportunities to make some much-needed changes to various aspects of their workplace and the way they do business. Of the many opportunities that you will be presented with, the opportunity to streamline your workplace and rid it of things that you have little to no need for anymore is an excellent one, an opportunity to seize with both hands. Many businesses find that there are numerous things in the office that they can throw out or sell, including:

  • Filing systems – Filing cabinets and drawers take up valuable space that could be better used
  • Office equipment – Many items of office equipment, like photocopiers, are becoming obsolete
  • Bulky furniture – Upgrading to space maximising furniture further regains valuable office space

In many cases, the amount of floor space that can be regained is phenomenal, plus there are many other ways that you can streamline your office space, such as using the walls to store files and equipment, paying close attention to layout, and repositioning workstations to increase floor space.

While there are many things to source and prepare when planning an office refurbishment project, such as sourcing a great interior design and office refurbishment team and researching suitable office designs to implement, you’re presented with many opportunities that can help you improve your business operations and achieve bigger and better things. With that in mind, what are you hoping to achieve by refurbishing your office space and how will you go about achieving your goals.

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