According to a common belief, some homeowners prefer irrigating their lawns by hand as they consider that the sprinkler systems tend to overuse water. On the other hand, with the advancement in the irrigation systems, there are water-saving and convenient techniques that the homeowners can make use of. Below are some of the most valuable tips that can help maintain healthy and green lawns while conserving water.

Considering The Sprinkler Type

Landscaping experts often recommend installing in-ground sprinklers for irrigating grass. This happens to be one of the most efficient techniques of maintaining a yard. In-ground sprinklers turn out to be sound investment for the homeowners who are planning on staying in their homes for a very longer period of time. Permanent sprinkler installation even helps increase the value of a house. For all those who do not have an in-ground system and do not really plan on investing it, a pulsating sprinkler system hooked up to a garden hose can make for a suitable substitute.

Early Irrigation Is Necessary

Morning hours offer the best time to irrigate the lawns. This is because the air is cooler during this time and there is not much wind blowing, which can lead to uneven watering. Landscaping professionals recommend anytime between 4 in the morning till 10 am. Watering during these hours also provides time for the soil to be soaked effectively and dry out before the morning suns come out.

The Lawn Should Be Wetted Evenly

In this scenario, it is wise to work with a professional irrigation expert to install as well as test the sprinkler. Irrigation experts are invaluable and can make sure that it disperses the water evenly. A homeowner can do this on their own by placing containers around their lawn and turning on the system. After the session, they can compare the amount of water in the containers and adjust accordingly if required. Even sprinkling is beneficial in saving water.

Regular Sprinkling is Crucial

During the hot months, it is recommended to wet the yard at least once every three days. This provides the roots sufficient water along with healthy conditions for optimal growth, leading to more nourished and stable lawn. Daily or frequent sprinkling is not advisable as it perhaps inhibit the growth of roots.

When you are irrigating lawns, it is wise to make sure that the soil is well moistened up to six inches down. Moreover, the homeowner should look out for indicators like curling brass blades and blush green color, which means that the lawn requires watering. Working with experts ensures that the irrigation system is rightly installed, and the yard is getting sufficient amount of water to support healthy growth.