Do you spend enough time outdoors? A government survey showed that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. While this may not seem extreme to you, it may be of interest to note that spending time indoors is actually bad for your health.

A recent study showed just how spending so much time indoors is affecting our health negatively. The architectural firm behind the report showed that indoor environments harbor high levels of asthmagens that increase the likelihood of developing asthma. It is no wonder 7.1 million children in the US today suffer from asthma. If you’re concerned about your health, you should find ways to spend more time outdoors.

One great way to encourage spending time outdoors is to create an outdoor living space. The following are some essentials for a successful outdoor living space:

  • Privacy

Depending on the proximity of your home to your neighbors, ensuring privacy for your outdoor space is essential. There are different ways you can achieve privacy. You can opt for a stylish privacy screen that allows nature in but keeps prying eyes out or for curtains that give an airy feel to the space.

Choose a privacy solution that suits your style and preferences while meeting your requirements for privacy.

  • Incorporate nature in your living space

Incorporating nature in your outdoor living space goes a long way to complete the space. Incorporate simple pieces such as plants to create continuity with surrounding gardens. These pieces can also help in providing privacy if used wisely e.g. use a vertical garden as a privacy screen.

  • Outdoor furniture

Your outdoor space will be exposed to harsh weather conditions no matter where your home is located. This includes direct sunlight, rain, snow, wind and dust. It is therefore important to select outdoor furniture that is designed specifically for outdoor spaces. This furniture is resistant to harsh weather conditions. Ensure that parts made of fabric are stored safely away when the space is not in use.

It’s also important to consider the style of furniture you select. The furniture should suit your preferences and complement your décor. Sectional outdoor furniture allows you to create a comfortable space that can be changed when need arises.

  • Lighting

Outdoor spaces have the benefit of having adequate natural light during the day. However, the spaces require a source of light when it’s dark. Making use of soft light sources such as candles and side lamps creates a relaxing atmosphere in the space.

  • Shade

While spending time under the warm rays of the sun is great for obtaining vitamin D, it can be uncomfortable when the weather is hot. You’ll need to invest in shade for protection from direct sunlight. The type of material you choose for the shade should enhance your overall design for the space as well as complement your architecture. You can gather some great ideas from resorts and guest houses located in areas with hot climates.

Take your time to plan your outdoor living space. It will benefit your health while adding value to your home.