baby change table

When you’re furnishing nursery for a baby, change table might not be the first thing that crosses your mind, but it’s an important piece. While it’s true that you can change nappies on the floor, but it’s great if you have a place to change nappies which will be comfortable for you as well as your bub.

An average baby usually goes through 6000 nappies in the entire infant period, and when you’re using the product several times a day, you’ll surely want the experience to be useful and safe as much as possible for your bub.

Generally, you’ll find three main types of change tables in the market.

  • Wooden change tables including two or three drawers or tiers.
  • Portable folding change tables with fabric body and metal frame.
  • Change tables that include a baby bath below the change surface.

baby change table

Things You Should Look For In A Change Table


A change table must be stable, strong and have some roll-off protections like raised sides or something to prevent your baby rolling-off the changing table. And, it shouldn’t include any kind of hazards like limb traps or sharp edges. The side barriers of the change table should be ideally at least 100 mm upwards, which is high enough to keep your baby to roll-off when the baby change table is used the correct way.

Also, choose one with restraint trap which can help you secure your bub, but is not a substitute for the normal safety measures and for proper attention.

Storage Space

The change table should contain the required space for keeping wipes, lotion, nappies as well as other necessary items within your arm’s reach so that you won’t have to take your eye off your junior or go far to fetch these things. Also, check that the drawers and shelves are big enough to store things in a convenient position in the nursery where you’ll place the change table.


Choose a change table which suits your height so that you won’t have to reach too far or bend while changing nappies of your baby, which if you remember, will be doing 6000 times!


If you’re low on space, a foldable change table would be a good way to go!


Not all type of change tables include a mattress, so you might need to buy it separately.


Look for a change table that has castors in the bottom. And, if it does, make sure they have brakes.

Ease Of Cleaning

The change table should be easy-to-clean when the mess happens, and the padding or mattress should be easy-to-wash.

5 Tips For Changing Nappies of Your Baby Safely

  1. Make sure that collapsible frames are securely locked in place before use.
  2. Keep everything that you’ll need at the hand-reachable place but out of their reach.
  3. Make sure your baby change table is free from all the objects that can cause choking.
  4. Beware of older siblings if any climbing on change tables, especially with drawers included models which can act as step or it might unbalance the change table.
  5. Always keep one hand on the baby while changing them. Never leave them unattended on the change table, even if you want to grab something across the room, take your baby with you.


Give your baby’s change table a good wipe after each use and leave it clean, fresh and ready for next time. And, by any chance, if you’ve decided for a fabric changing pad cover, don’t forget to launder it on daily basis.