Flower Art

There is something about flowers that have always played an important part in our lives.  We love looking at flowers, we love smelling flowers, we love using them in arrangements and for special occasions.  The world of art is no exception when it comes to celebrating the beauty of natures most beautiful flowers.  Their colors range from soft and delicate to enormous and vibrant.  Needless to say, they have not been overlooked in the art world as well.

Flowers have been at the center of many artists works that portray beauty, emotion, and revered by audiences far and wide.  There are many different forms of art including, watercolors, oils, pressed flowers, and photographs.

The Art Of Floral Photography:

Flowers are a very popular subject for professional and amateur photographers alike.  Many photos of flowers are used for calendars, desktop displays, and framed for wall decorations.  Photographing flowers is a true art and technique in order to capture the subject matter in clear and beautiful way.

Flowers In Paintings:

Flowers have always played a part of oil paintings, watercolors, and acrylics.  There are many very valuable paintings of works from Vincent Van Gogh to Manet to Georgia O’Keeffe.  Styles range in many different styles and reflect what the artist saw at the time they created the painting. Through the centuries, artists have explored the shapes and colors of many types of flowers.  Their artwork has drawn viewers from far and wide and they all have an impact on how people feel when viewing them.

Some American Artists Include:

Georgia O’Keeffe

Martin Johnson Heade

Maria Oakey Dewing

There are many famous artists that are French, Dutch, Spanish, Belgian, German, Flemish, and Danish.  The attraction of artists to flowers date back to 1500’s and even earlier.  Many Ancient Egyptian artists displayed floral designs on the walls of their buildings and tombs.

Another more recent form of art first developed in the Victorian Era, and that’s pressed flowers.  This form of art can be a great deal of fun and just about anyone can do it.  It’s totally inexpensive and you can purchase the equipment quite easily.  Flower presses can be found at craft stores but some practices of this art form do not require presses.

The Basic Needs:

Paper Towels or other absorbent paper

Added Pressure


Although there are no recognized pressed flower artworks, it’s still very popular and a great deal of fun!  Some examples of creating pressed flowers include your perfect corsage from your senior prom, flowers from your wedding bouquet, your child’s first baby shower, and even pressed flowers that have found their way into frames with plain backing and are now hanging on walls as decoration.