As a homeowner, you should know that the exterior walls of the house tend to deteriorate with the passage of time. The exterior walls of the house are constantly exposed to harmful atmospheric elements such as wind, dust, rain, and humidity. Despite the fact that the exterior walls are double coated with layers of paint, it only takes a few years for the paint to peel off. After all, the harmful rays of the harsh Australian sun tend to damage the paint considerably. Therefore, within a few years, your house will begin to look old and damaged. If you don’t spend money on regular maintenance of the exterior walls, they might even begin to tear off and weaken the structural integrity of your property.

Every homeowner wants his or her house to be in the best possible condition. It’s natural that you would want to select a durable finish for the exterior of the walls so that the place looks well-maintained. However, in order to achieve this look, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money. The walls will have to be repainted at the end of every year. This is unsustainable for almost every homeowner.

However, rather than getting the walls repainted from scratch each year, one of the most common methods used by people is to get a cement rendering job done. There are several companies that can carry out a cement render in Melbourne. Basically, a cement render is the application of a mixture of cement and sand on the outer layer of the walls. Of course, some pigment can be added to this layer of cement in order to add a bit of colour and aesthetic appeal. Once the mixture of sand and cement has dried on the walls, it can be easily painted using any standard mixture of paint.

Types of Rendering

Companies usually offer several types of cement rendering services. For instance, you can opt for a coarser look. To achieve this, the company will use coarser sand. On the other hand, if you want a smooth and silky look, the company will mix cement with a very fine layer of sand to achieve the silky feel.

A number of different tools may be used for applying the render on the walls. Common tools such as trowels, brushes and sponges are mainly used to achieve the standard finish.

Uses of Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is primarily used for several reasons. First of all, the render has very good weatherproofing qualities. Adding a bit of polymer additive into the mixture can further enhance its weather resistance properties. Other materials, such as stone chips, marble and sandstone may also be added to the mixture to achieve even more striking results. Using the proper technique is essential to achieving the right finish. The work will be done by professionals who have plenty of experience with applying renders. Depending upon the size of the walls and the nature of the structure, it might take a few days for the render to be applied.