Tree House

Children like nothing better than playing outdoors. Outdoor activities can be made even more exciting by having a fantastic tree house built in the garden. Not only do online garden structures and tree house builders create wonderful play areas for kids, they also offer:-

  • Climbing frames
  • Children’s swings
  • Log cabins
  • Garden storage sheds
  • Garden home offices

Imagine having a beautiful arbour, pergola or gazebo in the garden to relax under. These can built at affordable prices and will certainly enhance any type of space outside the home. Bespoke tree houses are all the craze at the moment, so treat the kids, let them have some fun and order one today.

Tree House

Celebrities who have tree houses

It’s not only kids who enjoy tree houses, many famous celebs also have tree houses designed for them. Specialists design and build luxury tree houses for the rich and famous like:-

  • Sting
  • Val Kilmer
  • Julianne Moore
  • Donna Karan

Fantastic wooden tree houses are highly sought after by the super rich who see them as eco-friendly, wooden homes. This particular niche market also includes providing famous celebrities with top of the range tree house creations such as running water, a shower, a sink and all the amenities needed to be able to live a luxury lifestyle. There’s even designer furniture, mood lighting and hot tubs, how good can it get?

These elaborate creations don’t come cheap, but hey it’s superstars we’re talking about here. Building time depends on the size of the tree house which can take anything from as little as one month to three months to complete depending on individual specifications.

All about outdoor structures

All outdoor structures are made from solid seasoned wood. Hand-made to client’s specifications, they are built on site and insulated. Tree houses in particular can have different accessories built into them for instance:-

  1. Rope bridges
  2. Climbing ropes
  3. Rope ladders
  4. Monkey bars
  5. Swings

Any size can be created to give children enough room to play in to make up games of pirates, cops and robbers or other fascinating activities. For adults how about screening from neighbours? This could take the form of a pergola or arbour. Grow plants and flowers over these structures to make a private, secluded area. Garden sheds are also very useful and can be designed to be large enough to hold gardening equipment, tools, bicycles as well as summer chairs.

Talk to the experts to make ideas become a reality. Send an email or make a telephone call for great ideas on which outdoor structure would suit the garden.

Exciting tree houses

It’s back to nature in functional tree houses and other outdoor structures. What could be better than spending time outdoors in a fantastic tree house? In today’s world of video games, Pokemon and Smartphones, wouldn’t it be nice to provide the opportunity for children to play with friends without all of these gadgets?