Chainsaw is used to ground the trees and prune the wood in a couple of minutes without putting any severe efforts by the arborists. There are plenty of saw models available in the online stores. However, you need to pick the one that best suits your cutting needs. Ideally, this saw allows people to cut the stubborn or thick wood, trim the trees and heavy bushes, at a brisk pace without any kind of hassle. This is an ideal place to cut trees and wood for preparing firewood. Prior to purchasing the saw, you need to take various factors into consideration. The factors include the size of the saw, ergonomic engineering, weight, safety features, and type of saw (gas or electric). However, the selection of the saw also relies on how you would like to use it for such as for homes, farms or professional use.

Here are a few factors you need to keep in mind while selecting a reliable and durable chainsaw for pruning the wood efficiently.


Electric or gas saw: The first and foremost factors to take into consider is whether to choose an electric or gas saw model. Both have their own pros and cons. However, selection of the model depends on the type of job that the person wants to carry out.

  • Electric: This saw model is lightweight when compared to the gas model. Actually, this makes the process of cutting tree easy with less physical stress. Most importantly, this does not produce any kind of noise while operating, unlike the gas ones, in this way it helps the people to trim down the trees in the gardens without causing any disturbance to the neighbors. This electric chain saw use electricity to run, while the gas saw makes use of the fuel, which is quite expensive. However, the negative side of this saw is that, you will need a chord or extensive box to pull this saw to the long distance and this may cause electric menace to the people. However, you can find the electric saw models that are operating with battery, but they lose charge at a faster pace. Basically, you can use electric saws only to carry out small trimming works in your gardens.
  • Gas: These are little heavier when compared to the electric models, but you can easily trim down the trees and bushes. The best part of this saw is that the person can change the bars of the saws as per the cutting requirements. For instance, if they are cutting big trees, then they can replace the small bars with big ones to help them cut the tree with ease. The worst part of this equipment is that it runs on oil, which is quite expensive. Most importantly, this makes a lot of noise that can disturb neighbors in your street. This saw does not use any chord like an electric saw making it easy to trim all the trees without concerning about electric hazards. People do not need to connect this equipment to an electrical outlet to cut the firewood. They can happily go inside the forest and prune the trees with ease.

Loaded with Ignition: The chainsaws that have electronic ignition will start the equipment faster compared to the old modeled saws. Basically, to start the motor of the old modeled saws, the user has to put in a lot of efforts to pull the string. If the user is not having enough strength, then the process of starting the equipment would be tougher.

Throttle interlock: In order to ensure high safety while working with the equipment, you need to purchase the one that has throttle interlock. Undeniably, chainsaws are the dangerous equipment to work with. Basically, the throttle interlock assures high safety while starting the engine. The mower equipped with throttle interlock will start only after triggering twice, thus avoiding accidental start.

Catalytic converters: You need to pick the models that are equipped with catalytic converters. Basically, the job of these converters is to curtail the emission of gas while starting the equipment, thus causing less harm to the environment.

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