Still living in an age where you believe that an appliance like washing machine is a waste? Well, it is better to know that in the present day and age it has become an everyday necessity. Just step into market and you would find several brands with several varieties of same product. Have you decided to buy a one? If yes but confused with many choices? Then it is better to have a background research before investing on the expensive model or the popular brand. Below mentioned tips would help you to buy a brand new washing machine that gels up like any other living room furniture in your house:

washing machine

  • Size of your wallet:

It is better to know whether your wallet’s size is enough to accommodate all the wishes you have for your new washing machine. The price of the washing machines changes with respect to new technology. For instance, the price of the front loading machine is comparatively higher than its top loading counterparts. But for the long run front loading would be a big saving. If you are paying in the form of E.M.I. then it is better to know what amount you would have to pay as a down payment as it varies from model to model. Hence, it is imperative to know your budget.

  • Intake of clothes:

Know the amount of laundry you generally have so that you could know what kind of machine would fit your requirement best. This has to be deemed so that at the later stage you don’t have your laundry or clothes pending.

  • Floor space needed:

It is better to know that space has always been an important aspect while buying a washing machine. Even if it is expensive, it would be no use if the machines do not fit into your space requirements. While buying a machine, measure the area properly and have right piping criteria. Machines’ consuming a less space is not an issue but if it exceeds the space it has, then it would be a great problem.

  • Specifications required:

The question is not about whether it is a front load or a top load? It is all about its specifications. It has to fulfill requirements like cost and energy saving, latest technology or something else. Proper knowledge with specifications would help you to compare between brands and models. However, a front loading machine would be beneficiary as compared to the top load one, thought it would be bit pricey in its initial phase.

  • Energy consumption:

Last but not the least energy-saving is essential, what if the new machine you bought catapults you electricity bill sky-high? Hence, keep an eye on the number of energy star label which denotes how efficient a product is. If you are buying front loading machine it would not only save electricity but water and detergents too.

Thus, there are several variants you could avail, but it is better to have specific criteria first instead of repenting later.