With rising temperatures and better standards of living all around, air conditioners are swiftly transitioning from being a commodity of luxury to that of necessity. Temperatures around the world have risen to historic highs and there seems to be no respite from this heat in coming times. It is for this reason that even in a developing country like India usage of air conditioners is fast becoming widespread and new technologies are constantly being researched and adopted in order for these devices to be more environment friendly so that they may ironically stop contributing to global warming.

Also, air conditioners are an energy consuming behemoth which is hugely undesirable and unaffordable in an energy starved country like ours. Thus, it is but bounding on humankind to develop more energy efficient air conditioners. Buy Inverter air conditioners online which are one such step which have drastically reduced energy requirements and are highly efficient in their operation.

What are they?

Inverter air conditioners work on the principle of variable speed operation. These air conditioners initially convert the ac supply into dc and then again convert it into ac with the ability to change its frequency. This allows us to provide variable frequency supply to the compressor which in turn enables it to run at variable speeds commensurate with the requirements of the room.

Feature-rich air conditioner of the new generation

These air conditioners begin their operation with the compressor running at its full capacity so as to reach the set temperature quickly. As the temperature of the room comes in the vicinity of the set temperature the air conditioner automatically adjusts the speed and refrigerant flow in the compressor so that small temperature changes are implemented and the temperature of the room remains in a small range differing from the set temperature by 0.5 C at most.

This ensures that the temperatures in the room shall remain comfortable throughout the duration of operation of the air conditioner rather than in the case with the normal air conditioner where compressor runs at only one speed and thus temperature fluctuates drastically in the room where it is employed making it extremely uncomfortable for the occupants of the room.

Thus, when compressor runs at lower speed it consumes lesser power and thus energy savings of up to 70% have been reported. This is a huge saving and thus contributes greatly to the dream of power security of our nation.

These air conditioners have a very low noise output which further enhances the user’s comfort. This makes these air conditioners highly suited for usage in homes as well.

Normal air conditioners employed to deal with heat generated due to global warming ironically themselves contribute to it in a grand manner owing to their use of the obsolete refrigerant R22. Inverter air conditioners make use of the technologically advanced refrigerant R410A which is ozone friendly and better performs the core function of cooling.


Even though the inverter air conditioners are expensive, they more than compensate for it through their energy savings which they provide throughout their life. This and various other enlisted features of the inverter air conditioners illustrate that inverter air conditioners must be preferred over normal air conditioners. Also, we are in such dire straits today that we might be unable to sustain any increase in the rate of global warming already underway. Hence, we must do our bit and contribute towards helping the environment heal itself by adopting latest eco-friendly technologies in our day-to-day lives.