Wait, there is such a thing as a glass fence for a yard? Apparently, the answer is “YES!” and Premier Pool Fencing and Decking is fast establishing itself as the premier company for frameless glass fence installation in Perth!  Read more to find out what exactly is involved in frameless glass fence installation.

Why Premier Pool Fencing and Decking?

The question which you should be asking is, “Why NOT Premier Pool Fencing and Decking?” This is especially true if you live in Perth. Like the rest of Australia which is reaping the dividends of a global economy whose demand for commodities and services is insatiable, and which has a large population which is young and of working age, Perth is growing fast. Australia has a rapidly growing economy as well. All of this economic growth is attracting people from other countries (especially from the developing world – India, China, etc…) to settle in Australia, and especially in Perth. This has resulted in the average plot size for houses in Perth shrinking dramatically. As this occurs, residents of Perth are increasingly relying on frameless glass fences because they allow them to create a sense of privacy in their homes. The frameless glass fences which Premier Pool Fencing and Decking installs are known for their beauty. They also last a long time, are very affordable, and most important, are SAFE! Since safety is of prime concern for this company, its customers love it (the company) and feel as though this company puts their safety first. This results in many referrals and a lot of repeat business for Premier Pool Fencing and Decking.

Ok, but what is so special about frameless glass fences?

“Of all of the materials I could use to fence my property, why frameless glass? I mean, what is so special about it?” As a savvy customer who demands to be provided with as much information as possible before making a buying decision, this a natural question for you to ask. After all, you’re about to make another major life-changing decision by investing in a durable and reliable fence for your property which will keep you safe, make your property look more beautiful, and increase its value all at once! Premier Pool Fencing and Decking uses glass which is very thick (12mm). It has a beveled edge which makes in impossible for intruders to easily scale, and it is toughened during the manufacturing process and is much harder to break, chip, or crack than traditional and conventional glass is! The glass frames are reinforced into the concrete foundation with duplex 2205 stainless steel spigots which are the most durable and use the latest in technology!

So if you live in Perth…

So if you live in Perth, or are thinking of moving there soon, you will want to purchase some sort of residential property in this amazing and fast growing metro. When you do so, give Premier Pool Fencing and Decking a call because its staff will be able to design the frameless glass fence of your dreams which will be amazing in look, keep you and your family safe, and enhance the look and value of your home!

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