When fencing is used, it makes everything more secure. For example, fencing comes in the form of temporary fences, pedestrian barriers, and gates and hoardings. You can also obtain fence accessories. Accessories include such items as anti-tamper clips, temporary fence clips, rubber fence feet, pin-in blocks, backstay trays and pins, stillage for fence blocks, and stabilisers.

Barrier Fencing Choices

Sometimes fencing is needed at a construction site. In these cases, barrier fencing may take the form of fence panels with backstays or basic fence panels. The most frequent types of fencing used include round top anti-climb fence panels, used for security purposes.

Temporary Fence Panels

Security site fencing for hire in Bradford can be assembled on-site either by the company or by the fencing provider. All of the panels for this configuration feature a clip for joining panels and a rubber foot. The anti-climb type of mesh on the fencing does a superb job of deterring thieves and vandals. It also meets the safety criteria for security at a construction or factory site. Temporary fencing is often employed to safeguard plants and machinery. Therefore, you can have temporary fence panels ordered per your specific requirements.

Pedestrian Barriers

When pedestrian barriers are used for fencing, they are normally included at an event. This type of fence is effective in providing the ultimate form of crowd control. In turn, event organisers can choose from a broad range of barriers and fences. The barriers that are normally chosen feature fixed feet and are simple to install.

This type of fencing measure can be used to circumvent pedestrian activity at a site location and prevent the occurrence of pedestrian movement. Barrier fencing features double eyes and hooks for simple connections. Both public events and construction projects use these kinds of barriers. The fences and barriers can either be purchased or hired.

Pedestrian barriers can be used in all types of weather too, as they have been powder-coated as well as galvanised. You can choose from one of various colours. If you prefer, you can have anti-trip feet placed on the fences as well. Check out the bespoke selections by contacting a fence company via email or phoning them during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm).

Security Products

Access control can also be augmented by the use of temporary gates and hoardings. Whilst access control can be provided in the form of temporary gates, added privacy can be included in the form of temporary hoardings. Therefore, when gates of this type are used, they are employed to control vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian movement. A locking latch mechanism is the main feature installed on full-size panel gates that have been strengthened with extra bars.