You’ve just came back home after a long and stressful day. You enter the home and think of ways of relaxing. Take a scientific advice and do some cooking! Baking and cooking may reduce stress, help you relax and even improve your family relationships. According to scientists, even small daily tasks in the kitchen could be your key to happiness.

We’re sharing the story of Monica, who says that an oven helped her to battle depression, as well as 5 reasons, why cooking has therapeutic qualities.

The study, published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, suggests that people who frequently take a turn at small, creative projects report feeling more relaxed and happier in their everyday lives. The two-week study was participated by 658 people. They tried various therapeutic activities, such as sports, book reading, talking to other people and cooking. Research showed that baking or cooking are great ways of relaxing, improving your mood and letting you forget your troubles.

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One of the study participants – Monica – shared more about her experience:

‘I was depressed. Didn’t know what to do. Everything just made me sad and felt wrong. Until one day my family decided to cheer me up and updated my kitchen – they got me new cabinets, new pots, new mixers and so on. They also got me a new built-in oven with a cook top and a modern steam collector for more convenient cooking.

I loved cooking before my depression, but I had forgotten that in face of difficult times. The renewed kitchen inspired me to cook almost every day and that passion helped me get out of my problems. In the kitchen I felt focused and relaxed, eager to keep trying out new recipes. Cases of success would make me immensely proud.

I’d recommend cooking for anyone encountering depression or problems. I know it was the cure or me.’

Here are 5 reasons why cooking works like therapy!

1) The smells

As soon as you start cooking, you will be surrounded by pleasant smells, especially if you came back home hungry. John White from the The Great British Bake Off jokes that fridges make the best therapists and cooking – the best home aromatherapy.

2) Diverting your thoughts

Cutting, measuring, decoration (e.g. muffins) and other baking or cooking tasks can easily help to divert your thoughts and energy. You won’t notice, when your bad emotions will bloom in creativity. According to researchers, the turning on of a new cook top alone or pressing various buttons will help you forget the hardships of the day.

3) Satisfaction

Have you followed all the instructions in the recipe and made a tasty dish? Congratulations! You can truly be proud of yourself. Experts also advice to do some experimenting: try to create your own recipe or adjust the one you already have. Success will make you feel like the captain of your ship! Achievements, however small, increase your self-worth and self-esteem.

4) Sharing

Share our pie or soup with your family, friends or neighbours. You’ll soon notice the surge of good emotions and joy. Also, as your family eats, you can also share what happened to you through the day, which will also help you relax.

5) Because doctors say so

Some clinics use cooking for rehabilitation. Their special premises have everything you need for high-quality cooking: fridges with food, pots, pans, various mixers…

Sometimes all you need to eliminate your troubles is to renew your kitchen and start cooking. Producers of kitchen appliances don’t sit on their hands and keep offering new equipment to facilitate the process of baking and cooking: modern fridges, mixers, blenders, pressure-cookers or modern built-in ovens with cooking tops. Just go and find the best for you. By the way, we also invite you to take a look at e-shop. We’ve got discounts for kitchen appliances!

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