More often than not we find ourselves unprepared in the event of a fire incident. Be mindful and review beforehand the terms of your home insurance policy. The unforeseen event of a fire will cause a major disturbance in our daily lives. Uncertainty and chaos might feel like a big shadow on us, but knowing what to do might help us gain some peace of mind back and resolve this unexpected set back in little to no time.

Some advice that might come handy when dealing with a property fire incident:


Call your insurance company

Call your home insurance company and file a claim immediately. After relocating yourself because you were forced to evacuate due to fire damage in your premises, contact your insurance company and ask them for an advance against your eventual claim. Keep detailed records of every receipt, letter or transaction made.


Take your own photos

Always document every detail. In case of fire damage take your own pictures before the insurance adjuster come to visit and do the inspection. Don’t rely only on the expert judgment; you might be adding valuable information to your claim.


Keep records of correspondence

Every letter, email and phone call counts. Keep detailed record of any correspondence before and after the claim. For phone calls keep records on the date, time and name of the representative you spoke with. If any documents are requested through regular mail, make sure to certify the pertinent letter or package and keep the receipt and tracking number as proof.

Don’t accept reimbursement until you are completely satisfied with it

It is in your best interest to make sure any damage has been covered and it will be properly restored. Make sure the reimbursement budget covers up every major structural issue below the surface as well as any cosmetic fixture. Calculate and review the numbers with the insurance company until you are satisfied with the offer.

Choose a fire damage restoration company that offers direct insurance billing

A fire damage restoration company that offers direct insurance billing is your best bet. This will help ease the mind wrecking and stressful bureaucratic process. They will be in charge of the restoration process while working hand to hand with the insurance company. Since most homeowners are not experts in the matter, miscalculation and major delays often occur due to inexperienced and lack of knowledge while managing a claim. Let the specialists do their job and effectively repair your property.