Yes indeed, it seems as if trends really do come and go, and professionally fitted carpets are once again making themselves present in many homes around Beautiful Australia! But what are fitted carpets all about and what is it about them that makes them stand out from the rest? Let’s get to know why:

Fitted carpets are those that get fixed down onto the floor of any room and sees use in a number of places such as nearly rooms in a home, offices and many public places. Coming in a large range of types and designs, they can be fitted in different ways and after a fitting, the carpet will then provide any area with stability, comfort and great looks.


  1. Firstly, they are really comfortable when you walk on them
  2. Secondly, they keep any type of room warm and reduce heating bills
  3. Thirdly, you will discover a reduction in noise pollution
  4. Lastly, check out well-established carpet stores with a long history and experience in the carpet business for the best results.


  • The size and the shape of the fitted carpet will depend on the dimensions of the space which is being carpeted
  • This is commonly termed “wall-to-wall carpeting”
  • Other kinds of fitted carpets can also be used for carpeting for a specific purpose, such as red carpeting in cinemas, or like you find in a hotel lobby
  • As you will see, in many of such places, the carpeting doesn’t cover the entire floor.

The Importance of Underlay

  • Perfectly fitted wall-to-wall carpeting requires an underlay, and especially in the case of a carpet being laid over a wooden floor.
  • The floor has to be very clean and before the underlay or carpet being fitted, gripper or tack strips are knocked in around the sides of the room.
  • The carpet tack strip is a rectangular strip containing tacks that are attached to the carpet and underlay placed upon them.

Getting it Cut

  • The underlay is then fitted in the area where the carpet is going to be laid.
  • Underlays are cut to size and put together using sturdy carpeting tape and afterwards, the carpet itself is then unrolled and trimmed to the perfect fit.
  • Where two rolls of carpet happen to meet, carpet tape is then used for the full length of the underside of both panels so as they can join perfectly together.
  • These seams and joins are normally put into places of little pedestrian traffic.

Reliable and Secure for Homes and Offices

  • Fitted carpet in your home or office will make it much safer because of a huge reduction in any carpet movement over where it has been installed.
  • Unfitted carpets, are often unstable, meaning that people who walking on it are liable to fall, as the carpet may slide.
  • A loose carpet can also get rucked, and create ridges, that can then trip people up and cause accidents.

And that’s just why their popularity is on the rise!

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