rented apartment

Due to the sky high prices of apartments, many people live in rented apartments. Now these rented spaces come with a lot of restrictions as well as do’s and don’ts; especially in metropolitan cities. Real Estate Mumbai is one such example. You cannot just dig holes or do up your rented house the way you want. Also budget becomes an issue because in metro cities a huge chinch of our monthly income goes in paying out rent and other utility bills and hence one cannot spend lavishly, on the décor of a rented apartment.  If you want to do up your homes in a minimal budget and give it some personality, flea markets are your heaven. One can find a lot of interesting and quirky things for real cheap. If you want to do up your house with flea market finds, read the tips below.

rented apartment

Research- While some places like Anjuna in Goa, have a flea market every Wednesday, not every place has it so often and they are not always very popular. Especially in metro cities, some flea markets come only one in a year. You will have to look up for flea markets in papers. Also make sure to check online for upcoming flea markets in your city.  It also helps to let your friends and family know that you are interested in flea market shopping, so that they can inform you if any markets are coming up. But it’s important to keeps your eyes and ears open and look for sales.

Timing- In flea market shopping timing is everything. Make note of what time the flea market opens and closes. It is best to go early morning or when it’s shutting down. When you go early morning vendors are eager to make their first sale which is popularly known as ‘boni’ in India and they can give you items for real cheap. Same is the case in the evenings. Before shutting down shopkeepers want to make as much cash as possible and they will agree to sell you stuff for real cheap.

Cash- Make sure you carry plenty of cash. In flea markets, vendors do not accept credit, debit or any other cards. You cash is the only way of transaction. SO make sure you carry plenty of cash so that you do not run out of money in between your shopping.

Haggle- Haggling is allowed and also necessary while flea market shopping, but be reasonable in your demands and don’t forget basic etiquette. You have a better chance of lowering the prices if the item is worn out or damaged and if you are buying many pieces of the same item. Use your best judgment while bargaining.

Kitchen items- If you don’t know where or how to start, I say start from the kitchen items. Usually one can find a lot of good kitchen items in a flea market, so don’t pass it up.

Quality Check- Don’t buy an item just because something it is cheap. Think before you buy and check to see if what the seller is promising is genuine. A lot of people pass of old furniture as antique furniture and charge higher for it. Make sure you are paying for a right thing. It helps to make friends with sellers. This way when you go again, you can be sure that you are getting a good product.

Damaged goods- Don’t just ignore an item if it is damaged. Some furniture can look like magic if worker on a little. Think if you can repair the item and use it in your house, before passing it.

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