If you are thinking of the most suitable insulation system for your home or business establishment, you may want to investigate SIP panels. Structural insulated panels are one type of insulation system that provides adequate heating or cooling for a building structure while allowing building owners to save on construction and energy consumption. If you have no inkling about what SIPs are and how beneficial they are, these frequently asked questions will help you get started and hopefully help you in deciding whether they are what you need for your building.

How fast can SIPs be installed?

Compared to other installation systems, SIPs deliver a faster turnaround. One reason is that they usually come in large sizes, such as 8×24 feet. So the larger the panels, the less number of boards are needed to be installed, cutting construction and installation time considerably.

Do I get to save money on SIPs?

There are different ways you can save money if you opt for SIPs. The first one is through construction and labour costs. They can be erected in less time, meaning you don’t have to pay for the installation and construction team more than you have to. They significantly reduce material waste on site. And lastly, upon completion of the SIPs, savings on energy costs will be realised.

Are they green?

SIPs, compared to other insulation systems, are far greener. Because their airtightness is highly efficient, they can provide non-stop insulation, thereby reducing energy costs. Because of this, they reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

How durable are they?

The structural integrity of structural insulated panels can rival that of a steel I-beam. It translates to the durability of the panels on any application.

How does SIP insulation provide better air quality?

Since structural insulated panels are airtight, they can prevent infiltration of common air pollutants into buildings, such as lead dust, pollen and the like. They are perfect for those who have health issues and require pure indoor air to prevent them from getting sick.

Are SIPs well-suited with other construction methods?

One good thing about structural insulated panels is that they can adapt to any construction technique; be it blocks, poured concrete or insulated concrete forms. It means that you don’t have to employ a unique method of construction that may affect other factors in putting up a building.

Can the panels be customised?

Although SIPs usually come in large sizes like 8×24 feet, you can ask your SIP installation company to customise the panel sizes according to your installation needs. This way you get to reduce material waste, and the right dimensions will ensure the airtightness of the panels for more benefits.

Now that you have the answers to your most pressing concerns, it is time to take the next step. You can ask for a quotation from your chosen SIP installation company so that you have an idea on how much you need to spend on this type of insulation. Overall, structural insulation panels will give you the most benefits out of all other insulation systems.

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