Banks do not provide a loan for the Log Homes:

Of course, there are some banks that do not provide a loan on a Log home. This is probably because they know nothing about it. Otherwise, banks also provide loan for more than a conventional home. Some of the Log Home Manufacturers have deals with the banks, so it is easy for the customers to get the loan for their dream home. So, there are a lot of ways for the Log home manufacturers to help the customers out, provided you find the right manufacturing guys, who are well equipped with all the knowledge and experience.

Log homes can easily rot:

It is certain that wood rots and Log Homes are made up of wood of course. But one has to understand that, wood rots when the moisture content in it is about 30% to 60%. Dry wood doesn’t rot at all. To ensure the endurance of your home it is extremely important to find a good Log Home Designer, especially if you live in the cold countries like Canada. A good designer would design the home with adequate roof overhangs, rain gutters and all that is needed to keep moisture away from the home. A regular maintenance could save you from years of regret too! So, it’s not true that Log homes can rot easily because they are made of Dry Logs. Approaching Discovery Log Homes can help in understanding the homes in a better manner.

Conventional homes are built faster than Log Homes:

The log walls go up quickly, provided they are built by someone who knows how to do it rightly. If you plan to do it by yourself, it’s definitely going to take some time. But the thing with these logs is that you have the interior, the exterior, the insulation, all in one piece. A conventional home just has a lot of things to get all these done, and above all the paint! Once the walls are up, the only the thing you will be left within the exterior finish and the interior, so there is much less work to do and take care of. So it is obviously faster to build a Log home rather than a conventional home. When it is a Professional Log Manufacturer or Builder doing it for you, all you should do is sitting back and relax and you will have your home in no time.

Not all contractors can build a Log Home:

When it comes to building a Log home, it is the question of willingness to do rather than the skill to do. Any contractor who can build a conventional home can build a Log home too. But it depends on the contractor if he is willing to put the effort and craftsmanship it demands to build a good Log home. So, it is not that most of the contractors cannot build analog Home, but won’t. Some of them are just not interested in learning new things and happy with the old conventional stuff.

Log Homes are hard to maintain:

Counter tops, siding, windows and roofing all of them are known for low maintenance.

The first and the foremost step in the maintenance of the log home are to have a properly designed home. Hence it is crucial to find a good Log home designer and to communicate your idea to him and finally, come up with one good design. The next thing to do is the maintenance. It’s obvious that anything has to be maintained and so is the case with a Log home. Use a good stain that is a good company, rather than buying cheap commercial stuff from the local supermarket.