Window Blinds

The clean lines and durability of window blinds are what make them a popular treatment for home windows. Beyond these things, though, their convenience and adjustability, energy efficiency and ability to cover large expanses of glass also make them an attractive choice for homeowners.

However, the structured design of window blinds can make windows at odds in a room that is loaded with colours and patterns. In some cases, their plain tone can even make the space feel unwelcoming. If you are using blinds for your windows, chances are, you are familiar with this problem. And by now, you are probably looking for a way to address the issue at hand.

Fortunately, you do not have to make do with plain-looking window blinds. No, you do not have to resort to expensive treatments to replace your existing blinds just to liven up your windows again. With a bit of creativity and little investment of time and money, you can give your existing blinds a fresh face following the suggestions below.

Window Blinds


If paint is the easiest way to give any room in your home a quick yet impactful makeover, it can also do the same effect to your window blinds. There are numerous specialty paints designed to adhere to different materials for blinds and many of them will offer the best coverage and will last for a long time. Simply choose a colour that goes well with the existing colour scheme of the room so your windows will not look out of place within the space. Then, change it up after a couple of months when the mood strikes.

As with any other paint job, preparation is the key to ensuring that the paint on your window blinds will look its best and last a long time. Even a minimal amount of preparation that includes cleaning and priming the slats will help the new paint to adhere well to the surface and stay there for the years to come.

Cover up the slats

Unless you have Roman or roller blinds, your window coverings are surely comprised of boring slats. One good way to perk up your treatments is to cover each slat with patterned fabric. Pick one that complements the existing décor in the room and cut it into strips wide enough to cover the slats. Be sure that the fabric is light enough so that it will not add much weight to the slats that may cause the pieces to bend. Depending on the make of your blinds, you may either glue the strips of fabric on the slats or slip them into the vanes. Then you can finish the edges by gluing, sewing a straight seam or adding accents like ribbons or cords.

If you are not too keen with the idea of using fabrics because you find them a bit expensive or hard to work with, a good alternative is wallpaper, which you can easily glue onto the slats. Another easy fix is to opt for patterned decals that you can cut to size and stick onto each slat without difficulty.

Consider layering

Layering is usually a technique used to add volume and texture to soft treatments such as curtains and draperies. However, this can also be used to provide a new twist to the appearance of hard window treatments that include blinds.

Adding a soft swathe or swag of fabric to the upper edges of the widow frame is a great way to add a punch of colour to plain window blinds. The tiny fabrics will also help soften the hard lines of your blinds, allowing them to blend well into the décor of the room. If you have motorized blinds, a good way to conceal their motor is to mount a cornice to the wall above the window. More than just covering the system that allows your blinds to operate, a cornice can also do a good job in adding interest to a window that lacks architectural interest.

Add pretty details to fabric blinds

If you are using fabric Roman blinds, you can add a fun flair to them by lining their edges with ribbons or fringes. You may even choose to give them a fresh theme using a stencilled design. All this project will take is a stencil and paint that coordinates with the existing colour scheme of the room and you can have customized Roman or roller blinds without spending too much.

As you can see, you do not have to make do with plain blinds. By investing on a few materials or using the ones you already have, you can have beautiful blinds that will give a ton of personality to your windows.