Old furniture

Old furniture in the house is not  favorable. They take up a lot of space and get spoilt with time, they are not assets to the look of the ambience either. Old wooden furniture may develop termite infestations which completely ruin them causing a lot of dust and infections. The chair or table that you once loved may not even serve it’s purpose anymore. Give thought to the different ways in which an old furniture can be used before throwing it away. So the question is what to do with old furniture?  There are some options that could be explored in order to handle them; we will look into some of them now.


Sometimes all that a spoilt furniture needs is refurbishing. You can initiate the process after you study the chattel thoroughly. An old piece of wood can be made new by giving it a new coat of varnish. Loose joints can be fixed by tightening a few screws. You can save a furniture by carefully replacing a certain piece of rotting wood. Sanding the wood gives it a matte finish and also gets rid of rough edges. But as easy as they sound all the above processes need skill and practice; this could be developed with trial and error method or by equipping oneself with the knowledge required. It is advisable to get professional help for beginners


Another way to deal with old furniture is to get creative and innovative with them. For instance a chair that is no longer of use can be remodeled into something new. If you are good in carpentry you could use the wood from the old items to construct fresh things. The wood can be used to create toys, plates, crates, cups, decorative articles, planters and lot more depending on what one can come up with. You can also use them as they are, for a completely different purpose, the idea is to give them a utility.  This way not only requires skill but also a level of artistry.

Sell or donate

One of the ways to get rid of old things is to sell or donate them. But for this the furniture had to be in a decent condition because if it is not in usable state no one would want to buy it, this applies for donation as well, it would be a mistake to give a wasteful thing to charity. If you are wanting to make money out of the furniture the best way is to sell it. There are many online platforms for the same, you can also sell them in stalls if that is feasible for you.


If the furniture is completely unusable or if you want to dispose of it then you can opt to throw it away in the nearby dump. You need to make sure you have the means of transporting the furniture if it is a large one or you can hire a vehicle to do so. You can also give your old stuff to recycling centers.