The games room is always going to end up being a special place in your property, but without that extra design flair, you run the risk of ending up with a boring, run of the mill man cave.

Whether yours is darts, pool, snooker, ping-pong or simply lounging, an ideal games room has something for everyone, but it does need the right décor in its favour, as well as the perfect furniture, layout, artwork and maybe even a bar.

We spoke to luxury gaming furniture designers Purling London to look at the types of unique and modern furniture that can really bring your games room to life!

Designing and creating your games room is always going to be a highlight of decorating a home, and you want yours to be fresh, stylish and unique, with an underlying edge of quality that leaves visitors and guests enamoured. Whether you’re working with a private home games room, a café or bar, or corporate space, design, layout and style is crucial when it comes to getting it right, and really bringing your games room to life.

A games room doesn’t just have to be a gentlemen’s club type affair either, it can be a kid-friendly environment too, as well as just being a great entertaining space for guests, customers, visitors, whoever. A well-executed games room can be a real asset for almost any property, commercial or domestic.


When it comes to the décor of your new games room, there are a few major options to consider going with. With so many different styles and ideas to utilise and pick and choose from, as long as you pay attention to the overall décor, you can end up with the exact right vibe and feel for your games room. Being that a games room is something of a retro concept unto itself, it could suit your designs and ideas to go with a more retro design, something that combines elements of fifties or sixties design, or maybe even older, featuring antiques and wooden panelling. That could lead to a very classy, refined atmosphere, or more of a sixties retro look. Especially if you utilised patterned wall paper, and retro furniture.

Obviously the other major option is complete modernism, with contemporary furniture design, stark sharp lines and light shades, as well as potentially modern art decorating the walls. This can look amazing in both a commercial and domestic setting. Modern design is a great way to create a slick and professional looking games room ideal for entertaining and relaxing.


The furniture you choose to decorate your games room is very, very important. Before you get to purchase the furniture itself, you’ve got to consider the floor plan, measurements and layout. You need to make sure you’re making the best use of your space. You don’t want somewhere that ends up feeling cramped and stuffy, but you don’t want to end up with a space that feels sterile and cold.

Within furniture choice is also the games choices. Do you want a pool table? Because pool tables are big, and take up a lot of room, and need to be incorporated into the overall plan. Without incorporating them into the plan, you’re going to find yourself running out of space. Same goes with choosing sofas, bars, ping-pong tables, etc. Darts boards are a pretty safe bet, but you do need to factor in enough space directly in front of them for play!

You can also incorporate a classy bar into your games room. Getting the right bar or liquor cabinet can really make a quality games room pop with class, as well as really completing a room. Plus who doesn’t like a drink while playing darts or relaxing?


Another element to consider for your games room is artwork. Once you’ve got your décor chosen, your layout designed and furniture selected, one of the best finishing touches is some choice, stylish modern artwork. Contemporary art and prints can lend a space, both corporate and domestic, a real edge of class and sophistication.