The garage door is the one thing that is usually constant in a home. For most homeowners, the garage door never breaks down. The garage door is a model of consistency when it comes to a device made for the homeowner’s convenience, one that never seems to fall apart. In the rare case that a garage door does break down, here are some simple troubleshooting tips.

The garage door won’t open with the remote

In some cases this could be a simple fix just from replacing the battery in the garage remote. Another reason the remote doesn’t work could be that the garage system wasn’t programmed correctly. If the garage door light is blinking more than once after the remote button was clicked you should check the switch on the wall to make sure it was programmed correctly. Reprogram the garage door using the wall control system and then try to open the garage door again. 

The garage door won’t open all the way

If the garage door won’t fully open there is a high possibility that the springs are broken. Most garage doors weigh anywhere from 150-250 lbs., and if the springs are broken the garage door opener won’t work. Attempting to open a garage door with broken springs will only damage the garage door even more. Garage door springs typically have a life span of 3-5 years. Extension springs are said to have the longest life span of any garage spring at 7-12 years. The extension spring is what holds the track on the ceiling of the garage door which enables the garage doors to open and close remotely. If the problem can’t be fixed manually the best thing to do is to hire a garage repairman to replace the springs manually without damaging the garage door.

Garage door makes strange sounds
When the rollers that move to open and close the garage are worn out these awkward sounds take place. Professionals suggest spraying a type of lubrication on the tracks to keep the tracks from squeaking while others believe this is a sign that the tracks should be replaced. If the garage door makes a clapping sound that could be a sign that the garage door chain could be loose. In order to fix this issue one of the best things that can be done is to tighten all parts where the sounds are coming from. Tighten all the nuts and bolts on the garage door and spray lubricant on the rollers and the chain.

Pay attention to the signs

The condition of the garage door should be apparent by the way it is used and maintained. Most people merely use their garage to go in and out, therefore looking for the signs should be relatively easy. Pay attention to the sounds your garage door makes when opening and closing it. Check the springs for any kind of rust or wear and tear that might lead to the spring breaking. In the winter, the cold weather – especially in places like Canada – may cause the doors to not open properly. Be sure to adjust the garage sensors in this situation. And finally just use common sense and pay attention to anything that doesn’t seem to be working right. If you can fix it yourself without damaging the garage door or the wall system, that’s great, but if not be sure to get the help of a professional.

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