Gardening is one of the most famous and creative hobbies for many people living around the world. Having a small area around your home will allow to plant useful trees and shrubs. Gardening can be of various types – some want to make flower garden, whereas some want to plant shrubs and useful trees in the garden. No matter whatever you are planting in your garden, it is better to check to temperature and the physical requirement of the plants. Each of the flower and plant varieties has their own level of nutrition. Talking about the gardening plans that are opted by the people living in the UK, they mainly prefer planting the olive trees.

The history of olive tress:

Nowadays, olive is being used by for oil and as a fruit. The Venetians first planted this tree in the 15th century. But the history of planting olive trees dated much back, it is one of the most powerful symbols of the ancient world. The olive was a part of everyday life of the Mediterranean people since the civilization started 6000 years back. In the earlier days, olive trees are grown in the form of the spiny shrubs in between the areas of modern day Lebanon and Syria. After that, thousand years of selective breeding has produced the modern variety of olive trees that you know today. The olive trees of UK are one of the most economic plant species that are being planted in gardens.

Some of the varieties of olive trees that are grown in the outdoors of the UK include Arbequina, leccino, pendolina, picual and cipressino. These all types of olives naturally grow in the gardens; some are compact in shape whereas some are vigorous.

Can olive trees grow in containers?

Yes, olive trees grow well in the containers. When you are purchasing the tree, you should plant it on the larger pot that is made with terracotta instead of the plastic jars. Olive trees require good drainage. You should always keep it on the sunny region. You should keep the soil moist in the growing season of the plants. It is very important to provide a balanced fertilizer in every month. During the winter months, it is very important to reduce the water.

What is the best season to plant olives?

 It is best to plant the olive trees in the fall as this is the time when the plants get settled in the soil. This results in the best growth of the plants and they spurt open in the spring. Excessive chill weather can be a problem for the olive trees. Most of the planters wait until the spring month arrives to avoid the dangers of frost. The planting of the olive trees is made in the middle of the summer months.

These trees do not require special fertilizer, but if you want to boost the growth of the trees, you should offer good soil and water. This plant is very suitable for gardening and there are various sites that provide and olive trees for UK citizens.