It is never too early to start thinking about the spring and summer, which is why now is the perfect time to plan out what jobs you will need to do in the garden. It is surprising how much work it can take to get your back yard looking more like a refined space than a jungle, especially after the rain and snow from the winter months. By being organised, you can try to achieve one big job every weekend – when the weather permits. This way you will be all ready to go come summer, in the months you truly want to enjoy your garden and all it has to offer.

So get a pen and a piece of paper and get planning the exact tasks you will need to do to bring your garden back to life. Here are just four suggestions for you to cast your mind over:

Banish the weeds

The first job on your list will probably be to get rid of all of the weeds that have been taking root in your garden. It’s impossible to get rid of weeds forever, but they seem to be at their worst after a period or rain and then sunshine; it seems like they shoot up a foot with every passing day. It might take you a whole weekend to get through some of the toughest weeds, so try and recruit a couple of family members to help you with the job. There are a number of different products and tools you can use, so think about what would be best for the weeds you are trying to tackle.


Give fences and sheds a lick of paint

Wind and rain can leave wooden decorations and structures looking a bit sorry for themselves, so aim to brighten them up a bit. Fences, sheds and trellises can all be given a lick of paint to make them look brand new once again. Of course you should make sure that you are using the right type of paint or varnish, so speak to an assistant in the DIY store to find out what would be the right product for the job at hand.

Sort out your flowerbeds

There will probably be all sorts of debris in your flowerbeds, so give these a good clean up before you plant new flowers or move existing ones about. You might want to change the use of one of your beds, so make sure there is plenty of fresh soil and compost to provide nutrients to new plants. If you are creating a herb garden, think about finding some chicken wire or something you can use to create a cover – this should help to keep rabbits from munching through your food.

Clean your garden furniture

Garden chairs and tables can look a bit worse for wear come springtime. You’ll want to give these a thorough clean, especially before you put food items on the table which you will be consuming. Perhaps you should think about creating a patio for your furniture (see here for the type of paving slabs you could use) which will be a better surface for it.