Keeping your garden tidy usually means producing some form of green waste. During the summer months the volume of waste can be quite high – more than can be emptied into the council green waste bins provided by many UK councils. So what do we do with all that green waste? This blog post aims to look at what you can do with your green waste.


Perhaps the best thing you can do with your green waste is to add it to your compost heap or composting bin. The green matter you have will make an excellent potting compost for re-use in your garden or when potting out plants.

Your compost heap or bin may need a little arranging to make it work at maximum efficiency. Try and get the woody branches at the bottom of the pile and then add the green leafy / grass above it. You can also speed up the composting process by adding nitrogen to the composting material.

For a more detailed explanation of the composting process and how to make good compost in your garden visit this BBC gardening guide.

Burning garden waste

For a number of reasons we don’t recommend burning garden waste unless you really have to. First of all it is a waste of resources. The garden waste would be better turned into compost and re-used. Also you are likely to cause damage to the ground where you have your fire – even if you have a brazier to burn your garden waste in. This will leave an unsightly scorch mark on the ground for months to come.

Hire a shredder for branches and tree waste

An electric tree shredder is one of those items you are unlikely to own because you will only need to use them rarely. However if you have recently cut back a tree and have a lot of waste, you might consider hiring a tree shredder from a hire company. Using the tree shredder to chew up your branches will turn a huge pile of tree waste into a much more manageable amount of chippings that can be taken to the council tip in a few garden refuse bags.

There’s an added bonus to using a tree shredder – the chippings that it produces can be used again in your garden. Laying them between the plants in your planted borders will help keep weeds at bay, making your future garden maintenance easier.

When there’s too much to compost, shred or burn

If you’ve cleared a garden that hasn’t been cared for over a long period of time you will probably have a large amount of garden waste, almost certainly too much to compost, shred or burn. At times like these you’ll need to hire in a skip to deal with such a volume of waste.

Our top tip is to first think about where your skip will be delivered to. We spoke to Redmond Stone of Reds Skip Hire who told us “Our lorry drivers can manage to get a skip into some pretty tight spots. We do still need good clearance to the side and most importantly above the area that the lorry needs to deliver into. If in doubt, give your local skip hire firm a call first, their drivers will have good knowledge of the area and will be able to advise if a skip delivery is possible.”

Another good thing to remember when hiring your skip is to get the right size of skip for the job. You will want to get all your waste into one load of the skip, otherwise you face being charged again for a second collection if the skip needs to be returned to you for a second load. Again speak to your skip hire firm first. They have the knowledge and experience to help you get the right size skip for the job at hand.

We’d like to thank you for reading our blog post and wish you a great season in the garden. If you have any tips related to dealing with garden waste that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment.

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