Owning a swimming pool is the dream of most home owners. Building a swimming pool with all the modern amenities has paved way to enjoy quality time with your family. It is cost effective way to enjoy your weekends as you don’t need to take your kids to far off hotels for swimming in pools or pay for membership in a club to use the pool for daily swimming to stay physically fit.

To experience multiple benefits of having a private swimming pool, it will be beneficial to know the latest trend styles adapted to construct swimming pools by well acclaimed contractors such as Compass Pools Melbourne.

Here are few styles of swimming pool greatly popular worldwide:

  • Pools having vanishing edges: This is common name for pools having infinity edges or negative edgings. This kind of pool has short side at one end commonly termed as drop off side and the spilled water in a large attached basin below. Quite expensive to built, however if you have spacious outer space, it is an awesome swimming pool to enjoy during hot days.
  • Pool giving similar enjoyment like in beach: If you love to swim in sea waters, then this style of pool will be the best. The pool has zero depth entry helping you to step gradually in the deeper side of the pool. Safe for kids, less expensive and promotes full enjoyment.
  • Small sized pools: Simply built small pools are becoming more popular because of its budget friendly feature as well as easy to maintain feature. Commonly known as Plunge pools is installed in backyard or in front garden space of the house. You can’t enjoy the pool with a group of people, however for your daily dip this is the best applicable style of pool.
  • Pool having tanning ledges: This pool has shallow edges and not deep, quite safe for small kids.  

In the recent years, there has been lot of wonderful changes in fixing the fixtures of swimming pool making it appear more fabulous and easy to maintain.

Mentioning the best applicable fixtures for your swimming pool:

  • Fire features having pool: This style statement water pool is constructed to frame fire enlightening the water present in the pool. The fire orbs or built like fireplaces to create a romantic effect during starry nights.
  • Pools having LED light features: LED light fixtures are becoming common fixtures as they are economical source of light to lighten the whole pool area.
  • Fixing glass tiles: Gone are the days when different kinds of design tiles were installed at the bottom as well as on the sides of the pool. People prefer to have glass tiles patterned with the latest geometrical figures installed in the inner part of pool.
  • Travertine stones: Presently stones are used avoid slippery ground and even aid in keeping the pool water cool under the hot sun.

To know the best swimming pool enriching the appearance of your home consult architects like Compass Pools Melbourne, who are specialised in building all kinds of manmade pools that are reasonably priced.