A break in the weather can be great because you get the chance to show off some of your favorite summer attire. You get to put away the heavy winter coats and pull out your sandals and you get to turn off the heat on your house and turn on the AC. But what if that AC isn’t working? After a long winter of keeping it off, you just might find there are some problems with your unit that you want to fix quickly so you don’t end up too hot in your own home.

What Can Go Wrong?

A number of things can actually go wrong in your air conditioning unit, and that’s why you want to make sure you get it checked out long before you are actually going to need it. That way you won’t feel the loss when warm weather hits and you find out the unit doesn’t work.

Refrigerant Leaks

These are the most common type of problem that occur with your cooling system and they can actually be quite serious. The leak may not seem like a big deal because you can have someone come out to fix it easily enough, but these kinds of leaks can actually be hazardous to the environment, which is why they need to be taken care of as soon as you find them.

Improper Care and Maintenance

If your unit hasn’t been cared for properly and maintained well it could have a lot of dirt, dust or other debris throughout the filters and conditioning coils. If you let this type of debris build up for too long it can actually cause the entire system to fail and the compressor or fans may just stop working. You end up with an entire unit that won’t do anything at all.

Sensor Issues

The sensor is the part of the unit that lets it know how long to keep running. This is the part that says how cool or warm your house is and tells the AC whether it should turn on or off. If the sensor isn’t working properly it can cause all kinds of problems for your unit which may turn on and off frequently or may run (or not) when it should.


You want to make sure that any kind of condensation is getting out of the system quickly and efficiently. If it’s not draining out there could be a problem inside the unit where it stops working. You want to get a professional to check it out and see how this can be fixed.

If you are getting ready to dust off that AC you want to make sure you know how to find cooling system repair in Buffalo NY. You never know when you could have problems with your system or just how much it could affect your family. Not having cool air through the summer is definitely not going to be a fun experience, and that means it’s something you want to get fixed right away. Check out some other problems that could occur right here.