Mansard Roofs

Once saw a Butterfly Roof in a house. It was architecturally interesting, unusual as you can very well understand and cool as well. This induced the thought about the different types of roofing styles that can be tried for a home. Roof shapes and styles have huge variations and different roofs suit different houses types. The diversity of the roof shapes is something that you should keep in mind while designing your house.

Have you ever minutely paid attention to the different roofing of a house? Well, very few people actually do it. Generally people think of only pitched and flat roofs but there are multiple styles and gradations of roofing. You can opt for these diverse gradations irrespective of the materials you are using for it. Let’s check out some of the roofing styles and designs.


Mansard Roofs

Mansard Roofs are Good for Having Additional Space in the House

Roofs of these types are built of 4 slopes, two on either sides of the house. The lower and upper slopes are constructed in different ways – lower slopes have more vertical slope and are steeper too. It is possible that the upper slope is not visible from ground level or you might also be able to see the roof. Mansard roof is a French roof style that allows you to have greater storage space towards the top of the home or you can also use it as your living space.


This roof type is pretty similar to Mansard roof. The basic differences between the two are – gambrel roof hangs above the façade of a house and is provided with vertical gable ends but Mandrel roofs do not have anything like this. This is not a French style roof, rather it is a Dutch styled roof.


This roof looks very interesting from its exterior and so, it is the choice for many homeowners. These roofs are long pitched asymmetrical roofs having one long and one short side. Quite often this ultimately builds up to a one story home on one side and two stories on another side. Isn’t this a neat design?


As you can understand from the very name of it, this is pyramid shaped. You will generally find this kind of roof on small size structures such as pool house or garage or on small sections of a house. It looks very beautiful!

 Pyramid Roof

Pyramid Roof is Suitable for Small Areas and Zones


This is quite similar to pyramid roof the only noticeable difference between the two is in this type of roof, the two sides curve out an angle. This extension of the rooftop is made only to cover up outdoor porch and veranda.


Have you seen any crossed gabled roof? It appears much like a triangle, if you see it from the front side. The crossed gabled roof with additional wings looks good as every portion of the house showcases a triangular shaped gabled roof.

What is your preferred roof style? Each of the roof style and design has its own functionality and beauty. Whether you are making a new house or renovating your old one, you can select any of these types for roofing.