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There are some people who might not know where to start when it comes to making their home vintage because they don’t have a complete understanding of what the vintage look is. First, you can start with some of the things that you have in your home. Whether you believe it or not you might have some vintage items; which are considered to be old or historical items in your home that you can use for your vintage decorations. Don’t get rid of that old sofa, old record player, old lamps, etc. because you can use them when decorating for your vintage theme.

Thinking and planning

To start off you will need to start thinking about which rooms in your home you want to decorate in the vintage theme. Most people choose to make their entire home vintage if that is the theme they want to go with. You have to think about what you already have in your home and what you don’t have that you would like to add to your vintage decorations. Some vintage items might take a bit of time to collect because you will have to look for your items here and there are vintage stores. Start collecting things bit by bit and think about where you want to place these things in your home. If you find something that you like think of where you would want to place it in your home before you buy it. A great place to shop online would be Vintage Industrial for your items or to get ideas on some things that you can buy for your home. Some things that you might want to start with buying unless you already have them would include:

  • Shelves
  • End tables
  • Display cases
  • Table

These are furnishings that can be used for the purpose of decorating and adding vintage items to your home. Think also about vintage photos that you can find to hang on your walls, or vintage vases and cookie jars; all of these things would make great items for the vintage theme.

Choose a room to start with

Any room in your home that you choose to start with would be great, but there are a lot of people who would start with either their living room or their kitchen, because these are rooms that guests or people who visit would notice first when they come into the home. If you will be starting in your kitchen you can start by looking for dishes, cups, saucers, etc. that are vintage to add to your theme. Your vintage items that you purchase for your home don’t necessarily need to be matching perfectly because the thing about ceramic dishes is that they will often break over time. Storage jars for sugar, flour, tea, etc. are some of the easiest vintage items to find. This would be a great start when it comes to adding vintage décor to your kitchen.

Home and GreeneryNow, after you have finished up with your kitchen the process of making your home more vintage will become easier and easier as you move from room to room in your home.