When creating a guest bedroom, many people are unsure of where to begin. Most want the room to feel comfortable and homey, but it can be difficult to achieve that concept, as many guest bedrooms have a tendency to feel a bit like a hotel room. For those who are having guests stay for an extended period of time, it can be nice to create a space that feels like home.

Here are a few ways to make a guest bedroom comfortable:


First and foremost, the comfort level of the bed in a guest room is key. Even though the bed might not be used often, it is still important to invest in a bed with a great mattress so that when guests do stay over, they are guaranteed to get a good night’s rest.

Because it can be difficult to find the perfect mattress for all guests, consider looking into a mattress like the Personal Comfort Bed, as it is adjustable, making it flexible to all guests. Moreover, these beds are long lasting, thus the investment can last for years to come.

When choosing the bedding, go for something soft and luxurious, such as high-thread count sheets, lots of pillows, and a nice, plush comforter.

Fresh Flowers

When guests arrive, nothing says “welcome” like a vase full of fresh flowers. Flowers and indoor plants are a natural way to add brightness and warmth to the space, while also bringing in a fresh element. Both carnations and tulips are a great choice, as they are year-around flowers that are not too expensive. However, if you are not a flower person, add a few houseplants inside of the room. They offer the same warmth while also being slightly easier to care for, as they tend to last longer.

Reading Material

Have a few books, magazines, or newspapers available in the room. In case they did not bring their own or need some help winding down before falling asleep, having these items within their reach can help aid their comfort. Offer a variety of books or magazines in the space. While most people are fine with the classics or something off the best-seller list, it can be nice to have a few options from a few different genres. This can offer all guests the chance to find something interesting. Plus, books and magazines are great decor items. They’re both practical and pretty, making the space feel more like a retreat or resort rather than a guest room.


Make sure there is a clock in the space. While a nice wall hanging clock is a great design element in the space, also include a digital or well-lit clock that is near the bed. Guests will appreciate being able to use the alarm or know what time it is throughout the night. However, test the clock beforehand to make sure it does not tick too loudly, as that can hinder sleep.

Fan/Floor Heater

Because temperatures can vary from person to person, consider having a ceiling fan and/or floor heater available in the guest room. If it is too warm for them, or they like white noise, they can use the fan. If it is cold, they can warm the space with the heater.


Have towels available in the guest room so that guests can freshen up whenever they need to. Include wash cloths, soap, and even travel shampoos and conditioners, in case they forgot to bring their own.


Lastly, hang a mirror in the space so that guests can use it to get ready. This is especially handy if guests are sharing a bathroom with other family members. It is both practical and pretty, as it doubles as a decoration in the space.


If you have any extra smart phone or tablet chargers, put them in a basket in the guest room. In the event your guests forgot to grab a charger, one of your extras or old chargers might do the trick.

These tips can make any guest bedroom feel like a resort!