• Misconception dispelled

Let us first dispel any misconception you may have in respect of steel staircases. For many the concept of steel stair casing conjures up images of cold industrial fire-escape-type constructions, intended to be more functional than aesthetic.

How times have changed, innovative design combined with more flexible construction techniques mean that steel staircases can be both practical and make for aesthetically glorious features fit to grace any home or workplace.

Contemporary steel staircases will often incorporate other materials such as classical wooden runners or space illusion glass panelling. The effects are multifarious and frequently quite stunning.

  • I want a spiral staircase, can steel be used effectively in its construction?

Yes is the short precise answer. Steel staircases can be designed and constructed to suit virtually any requirement. Whether that be straight, spiral, curved or dog-legged. Steel construction represent a sleek, durable and welcome change to the stairway status quo.

  • Where can I see some good examples?

Well, you could go online and view staircases of many, many companies which offer a confusing range of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke options.

For a good example of residential and commercial steel staircases take a look at the superb range offered by Contemporary Steel Staircases.

This is a well presented site, easy to navigate and full of useful, helpful information. From here on I’ll use this business as a point of reference.

  • Which company should I choose?

First off choose a company offering a comprehensive bespoke service; that’s one with qualified and experienced professionals who will design and produce a staircase based upon your space and specific requirements.

Furthermore, check out the company’s portfolio of installations. A confident well-established company, such as Contemporary Steel Staircases, will proudly display their work online.

Does the company offer easy to access online help and guidance? Preferably one that has an online contact option where you can highlight your initial thoughts and requirements.  Should there be a direct telephone helpline then give them a ring, ask questions in order to determine the quality of service you can expect. A helpful informative response generally implies excellent service all round!

A case in point being Contemporary Steel Staircase’s offer of a free email guide to steel staircases. Little things can leave a positive impression and serve to instil the confidence that you have chosen the right company for your installation.

  • In conclusion

Steel staircases have evolved into wonderful works of art that, through design and craftsmanship, can total transform the ambiance and pizazz of any room.

When it comes to a specialist installation of steel stair casing there can be no substitute for experience and professionalism.

Finding a company that ticks all the boxes can be a daunting task. Therefore, I suggest that you work from recommendations and the testament of satisfied customers.

As a starting point check out the impressive case studies, backed up by quality photography and illustrations, presented by Contemporary Steel Staircases, as they are great custom steel staircase manufacturers.

Here you will find inspiration and a total service ranging from concept to installation.