What are green living walls?

It’s fair to describe a green living wall as a beautifully innovative, and oft spectacular, low maintenance, natural façade of luscious plants. We are talking ‘vertical gardens’!

That’s vertical gardens with an ingenious divergence from the traditional rooted ivy façade that we have all become familiar with. A green living wall does not rely upon restricting ground roots; the whole system can be virtually self-maintaining; the plants are held within a structure and fed, usually, by an inbuilt system of irrigation.

For a comprehensive range of examples and ideas check out Scotscape a specialist company with an abundance of wonderfully innovative living walls.

Am I restricted to just a few plants?

Oh, no, no, no, the variety of plant options is extremely diverse and inspiring. Just check out an experienced living wall company; you will be totally in awe of the plant choices and the subtle, or even spectacular, effects that can be achieved.

Scotscape will advise suitable plant options and, what’s more, present a bespoke design for your particular project.

Why should I bother?

Well, that’s a loaded question; in short, if you can’t be bothered to make your home more appealing and more saleable, then fair enough, don’t bother.

However a green living system will, almost certainly, transform your house, your garden and your drive into an eighth wonder. These natural living wall systems will raise the bar within your neighbourhood, set a new, attainable, standard that others can replicate. Make your house, your neighbourhood … idyllic, desirable and more valuable!

Living walls are not only aesthetically charming, they can also add value to your property.

Furthermore, living walls serve a practical purpose, they can be used as screens; perhaps between neighbours or to blot out the view and noise of a busy highway.

What are the range of living wall options?

Quite honestly, you will only be restricted by your imagination.

Green wall systems do not only apply to vertical exterior structures but can also be applied to the roof or even indoors.

A living roof has aesthetic value but more importantly practical applications. The concept has been around for centuries, a green roof provides insulation and protection against the elements.

Furthermore, on flat roofs, the area can be transformed for recreational purposes; from sun lounging to a putting green.

Or, your green roof could serve some ecological cause; flowers, shrubs that attract insects or other wildlife, perhaps.

The online company, Scotscape has a most informative overview of the options.

Interior living walls are becoming ever more popular. They’re often found adorning offices, homes and restaurants etc. Indoor green walls can create a pleasant ambiance of colour and fragrance; lovely décor and practical, friendly, partitioning.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Many smaller projects can be easily maintained with minimal effort; the odd trim and feed perhaps. However, for larger, more corporate, green areas a maintenance contract makes absolute sense.

Scotscape employ a dedicated maintenance team with responsibility to visit, advise and care for your site. An ongoing maintenance contract is really a no brainer.


The bigger picture

A move towards greener, especially city and urban, landscapes has become a pressing challenge for environmentalists. A green environmental agenda will, undoubtedly, ensure we have cleaner air; furthermore it will also help sustain, even proliferate, vital wildlife, such as the bee population.

Green living walls go some considerable way to meeting eco-friendly targets.