gym equipment

gym equipment

Although walking can improve physical fitness, it only tones leg muscles. Although joining a gym is a great idea, it does cost a lot of money every month. Gym equipment is an alternative because it can be hired and used at home. Finding the right equipment needn’t be difficult because there are many hire companies which have a huge catalogue for their customers to choose from. When searching for equipment that can improve muscle tone, here are a couple of ideas:

Fitness bike

Many fitness bikes have handles which can also tone biceps and triceps. A fitness bike can be adjusted accordingly so that it simulates cycling uphill which, as a result, tones calf muscles. As it doesn’t cause a lot of noise, a fitness bike can be operated throughout the day.


To begin with, a 5kg dumbbell can be hired. When a heavier dumbbell is required, another can be chosen from a hire shop, such as one which weighs 10kg or 20kg. By choosing a hire shop which has a wide selection of dumbbells, triceps and biceps can be toned.

Cross trainer

Simulating walking, a cross trainer has two foot holes which can move slowly or very quickly. As it has handles, it tones upper body muscles. A cross trainer is very effective in toning muscles and can even be used in top floor flats without causing any disturbance to neighbours below.


By using a treadmill on a regular basis, a lot of weight can be lost and leg muscles will be toned. A treadmill doesn’t have to be used for running because it can also simulate walking. As an incline can be adjusted, muscles can be toned when legs have to use more force to move the treadmill. It is recommended that a treadmill isn’t used at home at night because it can cause a lot of noise.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine can tone many key muscles. Along with arms and legs, chest muscles can also be toned. There are many settings on a rowing machine so that more force is required. A digital screen is normally on a rowing machine which displays how many calories have been burnt. Information about which muscles are given a workout is also supplied with a rowing machine. Many tool hire shops provide this information with their rowing machines and it can also be evident on their website. If web users want to see which muscle groups will be toned when operating a rowing machine, this information will tell them.

Chin up bar

Slotted between a door frame, a chin up bar doesn’t cause scuff marks no matter how often it is used. A chin up bar is a surprisingly effective piece of gym equipment. As it has many handles, it can be used for toning biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. When it is hired, it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in a family home because it can be returned as soon as it is no longer required.