There is something elegant about sash windows – they can look old style or appear modern, and even present a design that can easily come over as both. They are timeless, beautiful and fit-for-purpose.

Handmade sash windows can be a mixture of modern or traditional – or indeed, be built for either the traditional older home or a modern apartment flat. Handmade sash window makers can make these single-glazed or double. They can be made as thin double glazed window that would perfectly suit your outside conservatory, all of which makes good use of quality hardwood as the surrounding and inner framing.

To choose the best hand crafted timber sash window maker, you must look for a business with experience and craftsmanship. The best handmade sash window manufacturers will be able to apply their craftsmanship to sash windows, casement windows and surrounds, plus French doors.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are by far the most popular option when deciding on installation and repair in the home, these windows are said to last well in excess of 50 years, such is the performance of this craft.

Traditional joinery and carpentry measures are applied by businesses that specialise in handmade sash windows and hand-crafted French doors. Often these businesses are family-run and have many years of experience going forward.

Sash windows that are handmade should be using draught seals and top of the range double glazing. Most businesses providing a quality service in hand crafted sash windows would be happy to inform you how they use traditional methods of construction and fitting.

London Box Sash Windows is one such business that can boast to use traditional joinery methods, enjoys a passion for quality craftsmanship and can readily fit and make up French doors, windows, casement facades and standard sash windows. We got our handmade sash windows from here and they are just incredible.

Casement Windows

Casement window designs have been around for over 500 years. The design and durability are so sturdy that businesses today still believe this to be aesthetically pleasing, while encompassing strength and durability, making them last several decades.

French Doors

French doors need to be safe and secure, while keeping an original architectural style. London Box Sash Windows handcraft these doors to go above and beyond the industry standard in keeping your rooms insulated, protected and fit to last several years.

Naturally you will need to find a handcrafted sash window fitter that offers bespoke or customised windows to suit your needs.