heat your garage

The garage and workshop are both those kind of places where you can’t afford typical heaters as they will cost you a fortune. Yet, many people require heating for their garage or workshop during the cold winter days. As a result, the heating equipment manufacturing industry has come up with heaters designed to meet particularly the heating needs of these spaces. They are tough and rugged, but mainly they are high performance and heat quickly your workshop and your garage. 

heat your garage

Features of Garage or Workshop Heaters

So what should you be looking for in an efficient garage or workshop heater? What are the features that should draw your attention and play a significant role in your decision? Here are a few details about how to find the right heating solution without spending much:

  • Look for powerful fans and stainless steel heater elements. The figure you are looking for is 4000 watts. Power will ensure quick heating for the time that you will actually spend in your garage or workshop. Most people don’t spend 12 hours a day in such spaces during winter and therefore they require a constant lower temperature but they also need heaters powerful enough to heat up quickly for those times when they do stay inside their workshop or garage.
  • Look for swiveling brackets. As heat normally goes up, it is recommended that you mount your heater on the wall or ceiling in order to be able to direct the heat to the places where you are spending most of the time or you need to be heated. Therefore, check out heaters that have swiveling mounting brackets providing you with the versatility required for directing heat pretty much anywhere you need to in your garage or workshop.
  • Automatic temperature control. Heating your garage efficiently means maintaining a constant temperature between 7 to 25 degrees Celsius, which means about 45-77 degrees Fahrenheit. This constant temperature results in smaller energy bills, but only if you have an automatic temperature control setting. This is perfect for those times when you will not be spending your days in the garage or workshop, as well as during the night. A built-in double pole thermostat with the temperature range you are looking for is most recommended.
  • Look for corrosion resistant finish. You do have to consider that your workshop and garage are not exactly the friendliest spaces for heaters or other equipment for that matter. In order to maintain energy costs as low as possible, you have to buy enduring heaters that have powder-coated epoxy finishes that can withstand constant exposure to corrosion during the cold season.
  • Fan delay relay. Fan delay is a smart mechanical principle that maximizes the efficiency of your heater by using residual heat. It basically purges the system of any remaining heated air, ensuring the economical performance of the heater. As far as the fan is concerned, you should check the equipment you intend to buy and make sure that the fan propeller is properly pitched and balanced in order to achieve the highest level of performance.

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