Whilst some people like to keep their homes to a toasty Sahara-like temperature, others prefer a more glacial feel. However, most people prefer the temperature to fall somewhere in between. Indeed, how warm a home should be can be a contentious issue. So, you need to know more about how to heat your home to a comfortable level.

According to one recent government survey, the average temperature of a home in the UK is around 17.7 degrees Celsius, whilst the recommended level is about 21 degrees Celsius, or 70 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale. This disparity in temperatures is shown to reflect how a lack of fuel has prevented people from adequately heating their homes.

Contact a Heating Professional

Whilst most people use a thermostat to establish their home’s temperature, they may not have it set up correctly.  This is when you need to have central heating installation and servicing in Avon completed. A service technician will make sure that a thermostat is properly placed so you can sufficiently heat your living space.

A thermostat works by recording the air’s ambient temperature. If the air is cooler than the thermostat setting, it sends a message to the boiler to fire up. If the air’s temperature is warmer, then the thermostat tells the heating system to switch off.

The Position of the Thermostat Is an Important Consideration

As a result, a thermostat placed next to a draughty front door will kick in earlier than one that is based in the living room area. So, if you are setting your thermostat by the outside door at 21 degrees Celsius, the living room temperature may be getting up to 24 degrees Celsius.

Needless to say, it is vitally important to know how warm your house should be. You can use a wireless thermostat, for instance, and place it wherever you like. However, before you do so, talk to a professional technician who regularly services thermostats and boilers. That way you can be assured that your home’s thermostat will always be set correctly.


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