There have been surprising findings regarding the washing and skincare habits of British people, especially in terms of research carried out by skincare range Flint +Flint. This involved the surveying of 2,021 women aged between 18 and 50 – and showed that only 21% took the time to shower every day. This statistic suggests that due to busy working routines, especially showering  can be viewed as too time-consuming and inessential – especially as we live in an era where it can be seen as more ‘convenient’ to freshen-up with dry shampoo and wipes. After all, 89% admitted that they would shower more often, but blamed tiredness and time constraints as reason for not doing so.

Yet showering every day, even if only washing the body rather than the hair, can be highly beneficial. It keeps the skin clean and can actually allow people to feel more awake – therefore addressing the aforementioned issue of tiredness. What there appears demand for is a showering solution which provides fast results in the tiring modern-day.  Fortunately, there is an answer – in the form of steam showers.

A steam shower could be seen as the quick-fix way to keep clean. Units are available which add steam functions to regular water settings, allowing for an intense clean which revitalises the body and opens the pores. This means not only a ‘feeling’ of cleanliness can be achieved faster, but real cleanliness. A prime provider of the shower technology, Insignia Range, was keen to comment:

“That only 21% of people interviewed shower every day highlights a need for shower solutions to be more convenient and quick if people are to make regular use of them. This is why a steam shower is so important – for a fast clean, right into the pores. Furthermore, all the showers we offer have touch-screen technologies which show they really are at the forefront of providing for the busy modern age. Once you have a steam shower, we can be sure you’ll be enjoying it every morning and feeling refreshed!”

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