Home Improvements

Fashions change all the time. Every major label introduces seasonal collections and in no time the fashion conscious buy into the new look. It is perhaps more prevalent among the young and the well heeled who can afford to change their wardrobes on a regular basis. But the concept of fashion does go far beyond clothing. It can include modern technology, destinations for a holiday and people’s very homes themselves. When it comes to the home, the property market has been subdued and worse until the signs of recovery began during recent months. Changes around the house make investment sense as times improve as well being motivated by fashion.

Home Improvements

Image attributed to Freedigitalphotos.net Sira Anamwong


While it would be wrong to say that wood is going out of fashion, because at its best it looks stunning, it does deteriorate and there are maintenance issues on a regular basis. It means that manmade materials are more commonly in use these days for new builds and of course to replace any wood that has deteriorated and needs changing.

Windows are something that really come into focus when you look at wood and its deterioration. Regular painting provides some protection but there is a finite life in a wooden window frame and sill.

Durable and maintenance free

A UPC window sill and frame is a much better proposition. It is not just deterioration to consider because windows are the most popular means of accessing a house for someone up to no good. Burglars will certainly target windows, particularly ones that look as if they have rotten frames.

Why not take a closer look at your windows and try to be objective about their condition? You may not even be looking to modernise your home to bring it more in line with modern fashion but you should always take a practical view. If you look closely you need to ask yourself whether your window frame would resist a crowbar prising open the window when your house is empty.


Perhaps it is time for a replacement upvc window sill and frame with the latest locking mechanism that is within the frame and not accessible from outside. If you lose your key and lock yourself out then forcing a window will no longer be an option but a locksmith will respond to an emergency call anyway.

There is plenty of information available before you need to commit to anything. A good service company will use its website to market its products and let you read what is on offer without even having to make contact. Even if you do ask questions there is no compulsion to proceed to get those new windows unless you want to.  If you do, then you will have increased security, less maintenance and even a few admiring looks from passersby. Then of course there is the investment aspect for you to think about.