If your old home could express itself in words, what would it say? Here at WeatherPro, we found one open, touching letter on windows replacement. The author of the letter was homes giving its views to you. That sounds crazy, right? It is funny how houses could write letters! Probably you didn’t know that.

But the message was damn real, and we didn’t want to keep it for ourselves. We saw it was necessary to share this open letter with you. After all, what will we lose by conveying your home’s feelings to you? There is nothing to lose. View more here what your house had to tell you.

  • Dear Homeowners,

I should admit the beautiful times we have had together. Sometimes I have a feeling that I have become an active member of the family. You spend a couple of years hunting for me, and when you got hold of me, you were thrilled, and you took great care of me and kept me with a glittery look.

I have several memories that I have been keeping deep inside my heart, like that time your baby came from school or that time your children were playing their ball inside my sitting room, and accidentally broke one of my windows. Yes, I do agree we have experienced many ups and downs together. So, kindly don’t turn me down when I say that for the past one month, things have not been working right with me.

  • Let Me Admit That I’m Not As Sturdy And Water-Proofed As Before

And as if that is not enough, I just noticed that your cooling and heating bills have been hiking in the past few two years. Unfortunately, again all the blame is hurled at me. I have also lost my curb appeal, and even I feel sorry when I see my age mates! In fact, sincerely speaking, I feel like a hut.

Fortunately, I do know where the problem is. It is entirely in my old windows. Here are just some symptoms I noticed:

Condensation –Most are the times when moisture forms in between my window panes. This negatively impacts your utility bills. But windows replacement has advanced insulation that can reduce your energy bills.

Hard to open and close-when my windows are opened or closed there is much friction due to swelling of the wood due to weather changes.

Draftness –the house has been made very damp by the wind that comes in through my windows. If you consider their replacements which are much more energy efficient I assure you, we will have better outcomes.

  • If You Do Windows Replacement For Me, I Promise Prolonged Years Of Service.

Please don’t hesitate to fix me now that you know my sufferings. If you equip me with new windows, I will give you maximum comfort during all seasons. WeatherPro will be the best priority choice for my new window replacement. WeatherPro has been the favorite choice for all my friends. Don’t wait for long, please!