You moved into your home years ago, and now you have memories built into every corner that you could never replicate with a new house. However, you never know when you might find yourself with less space than you used to have, especially as you grow your family. Homeowners across Orpington found a better solution, choosing instead to consider an extension over moving to a larger home.

Save Money

With the property market constantly in fluctuation, you are unlikely to find a larger home without being forced to take out an exceptionally large home loan. Not only is this incredibly costly, but it could put undue strain on the household as you continue to grow your family and support it financially. Fortunately, home extensions provided by professional builders in Orpington cost a mere fraction of the cost, allowing you to get the space you desire without the cost of moving.

The Home You Love

Extensions can truly be made into anything you imagine, whether you always dreamed of your own personal office space or a back room just for games and family fun. With this type of home addition, you could finally build the home of your dreams out of the home you already love. No matter if you live alone or with family, this is your opportunity to keep the home you love while creating a unique and new area.

Property Value

Although many homeowners choose to add an extension to avoid moving, others do it to add real value to their property for a future sale. So long as you do it legally and meet all building standards, a new addition could make your home exponentially more attractive to potential buyers. For example, some homeowners choose to add a third room to an originally small property as an attraction to families, which are the most common type of buyers.