First impressions count with so many things, including when you take that first step into a hotel or motel lobby, ready to check in for your stay.

If you are a hotelier and want to ensure that booking numbers stay high and reviews stay positive, a welcoming smile at reception helps for sure, but you also want to make sure that your front lobby is as warm and inviting as you can make it.

You can fix that wobbly or broken table in the lobby by visiting for example, and there are plenty more simple but effective ways of making sure that your guests don’t just stay for one night but continue to come back in the future.

The secrets of a good design

Not every hotel or motel is going to have the space or the budget to be able to be able to create the sort of lobby that you might walk into in some of the fanciest establishments around the globe, but the secrets of a good design are available to everyone.

If you work on the ethos that design is not just about what something looks and feels like, but how it works, matters too. This is a good basis for creating a lobby space that appeals to your guests and will be appreciated by them, allowing you to make that all-important excellent first impression.

Try to imagine that you are walking into your lobby for the very first time and cast a critical eye around to see whether the surroundings you are familiar with, might hold the same appeal to a stranger forming an unbiased view.

Open lobbies work

If you can create an open lobby environment, this often proves popular with guests.

You are ultimately trying to create a welcoming hub of hospitality that feels like a good place to walk into and join. Your first priority is to arrange your space so that check-in resembles the experience of walking into a lounge which is stimulating and welcoming.

Make the reception desk the obvious focal point to arriving guests so that you don’t have to waste any time engaging with your new guest and establishing a welcoming dialogue as quickly as possible.

Plenty of seating options, a coffee machine if there is no bar area and some communal tables, all help to put a guest at ease and create a positive impression of your establishment from the word go.

Take the comfortable route to bigger profits

It is difficult to argue with the general observation that when someone feels comfortable in your hotel or motel, they are far more likely to stay longer, order more food and drink, and come back more regularly.

Creating a casual, relaxed and cozy atmosphere all starts with your front lobby and sets the trend for how guests will perceive the rest of your amenities to perform. Make sure that you work on creating a space that looks and feels comfortable, as well as making things as easy as possible by providing things like good Wi-Fi access in the lobby area, which always scores well with guests.

It really isn’t rocket science, design your hotel with travelers needs and comfort at the forefront of your plans, and you will almost certainly reap the rewards.

Oliver Morgan has worked in the hotel industry for many years in various locations around the world. In his free time, usually off-season, he likes to write articles for the hotel and travel industry.

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