Now that we are well into the year, there are clearly some interior design trends involving window treatments which are going to continue to trend this year and possibly over the next several going forward. Heavy drapery has taken a back seat to sleek and minimal window coverings. Swags and jabots are no longer in fashion, and people want crisp and clean lines. If you are updating your home and want to stay on trend, consider including some of these window treatments in your next home renovation project.


The “Layered” Look

Touted as often being the “saving grace” when it comes to fashion and comfort, layering in window treatments has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in 2015.

There are a number of ways in which a homeowner can achieve the “layered” look:

  • A homeowner can purchase roller blinds online and install them for maximum protection from outdoor lighting while then pairing them with an ultra-chic sheer drapery or blind
  • Natural bamboo or wooden blinds can be paired with drapes from the same colour family
  • Sheer vertical blinds can be installed alongside lighter drapes, giving homeowners greater control over the amount of light which enters the home

Add Patterns to Your Home

Choosing the right pattern for a home can be time consuming, but once you find the right one which supports the atmosphere of the room and the architecture of the home, you have truly hit a “home run.” There are some types of patterns which will work with almost any room, including:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Large scale floral patterns
  • Trellis patterns

Depending on the room, more whimsical motifs may be a nice compliment to the overall tone of the home. Those who are a bit more brazen may prefer to choose bolder colours which will make a statement and stand out from many other features in the home.

Choose Banding for Low Maintenance Pairings

If sinking hours into finding the perfect pattern is not your idea of a good time, then you may want to consider banding. Through banding, homeowners are essentially able to match colours or patterns which already exist in a room and then incorporate that pattern or colour into their drapery. Not only is this an easy way to add some additional visual interest to a room, but it can be creatively used to add some visual width or height to your space.

Tone on Tone Window Coverings

Another trend we have seen an increase in popularity this year is “tone on tone” window coverings. As opposed to banding and patterns, many homeowners are choosing to have their window coverings match and blend in with the colours of their wall and furniture. These window coverings are also often consistent in texture with the many of the items in the room.

Opt for Wider Drapes

The drapes of today are making a backwards trend to the wider drapes which we may have been accustomed to several decades ago. For those with more opulent or “rich” rooms in the home, this is certainly a trend to make note of. To make the most out of the appearance of wider drapes, choose more lush materials such as silk or velvet to get the most out of this look.