There are many advantages to investing in real estate, and many investors want to take advantage of these opportunities without the headaches that come with owning and maintaining a property. Many investors don’t want to deal with tenants and developers, construction delays, and the regulations around local, state, and national interests. Purchasing real estate also requires an understanding of the local market and the municipal regulations, as buying a property is a very hands-on investment when compared to stocks and bonds. However, there are certain ways to invest in the real estate market without purchasing and maintaining a property.

Jordan is home to approximately one hundred thousand archaeological and tourist sites, and Jordan’s economy has been growing steadily with the ever-expanding popularity of eco-tourism.

Trusts and Funds

Real estate investment trusts are companies that own many different forms of real estate. Much like how mutual funds allow investors to buy public equities, real estate investors can buy and sell in the form of securities. Depending on the structure of the REIT, they can be traded on a public exchange or as a private investment.

Private equity real estate funds typically pool investment capital from many different qualified investors. Assets are deployed to take advantage of different real estate investment strategies. This allows investors to take advantage of real estate assets while also being able to utilise the expertise and purchasing power of the management team. In exchange, investors are charged a fee as a percentage of the future profits.

Direct and Online Investment

Investing directly in real estate in Jordan has its own set of advantages, because the fees that are associated with going through an intermediary are mitigated. Similarly to the method of investing in a private company, these investments can have certain restrictions placed on retail investor participation. If you choose to use the expertise of professional real estate money managers, you are going to be protected against the significant risks that are inherent in these types of investments, which means you are essentially avoiding the headaches that come with owning property. However, you are still able to make money from the investment.

Today, digital platforms give investors the ability to access many opportunities in the field of real estate online. Typically, these investments are only available to accredited investors, and they allow direct access to real estate opportunities without the common fees associated with having the investment pass through intermediaries, such as brokers and fund managers.

Public Equity

As the final option for investing in real estate without actually purchasing property, retail investors can buy public equity from companies that specialise in real estate strategies. Through this public investment option, people can choose to invest in the strategies that are directly related to different real estate opportunities. Regardless of whether you decide to invest in the housing market by purchasing property, or by indirect funding, there are numerous opportunities available in the markets. Jordan is home to many different archaeological and tourist sites, and Jordan’s economy has been expanding at record rates. If you have ever considered investing in real estate, now is a good time to check out your options.