Ideas to Create the Perfect Basement Renovation

There is a room in most people’s house which is dying to fulfill its real potential.  In fact, it is generally large enough to be described as much more than simply a room.  Yet, despite its size and potential it is often overlooked.  Many people do not even consider the potential in their basement.  They see a space, possible down an old set of stairs which is dark, a little creepy and very useful for tools, the washing machine or perhaps as a workshop.Ideas to Create the Perfect Basement Renovation

However, this space is approximately the same size as the ground floor of your house; that is a huge amount of extra living or sleeping space!  There are a multitude of basement renovations which can be undertaken to turn this space from a slightly sinister area into the pride of your property.  With a little inspiration and some hard work there is no end of options for your basement renovation project.

The Cinema

 Many people dream of having their own cinema in their home, in fact this is much easier to achieve than you might have thought.  The first step of any basement renovations is to prepare the room, apply a vapour barrier and erect new walls which can be plastered any painted.  Depending upon the space available you may wish to separate it into several rooms.  The cinema area needs a good quality couch or two and a pull down white screen with a projector.  This can be connected to your computer to enable you to play any film you want; downloaded or otherwise.  You will even be able to stream live TV to your cinema screen.

Games Room

An extension of the cinema idea is to create a games room; this may feature a full size snooker or pool table and possible some arcade style machines.  The result is a space where all the family can meet and play.

Adult Sitting Room

Every parent will appreciate the delight in having your own sitting room which is not influenced by the paraphernalia of children’s toys.  It is easy to create a cozy sitting room or a large sitting room which can double as a party venue for you and your friends.  You will then have an area of the house which you can retreat to and relax and unwind.

You can even opt to add a bar in to really up the atmosphere.

The Annex

Any basement can be converted into a wonderful home for your aging loved ones.  There should be enough room in your basement to create a beautiful, warm space which can allow your loved ones to be completely self-contained and yet have you nearby in case of an emergency.

Most basement renovations can be completed without planning permission although it is advisable to check the regulations in your area.  The basement can also have windows included or can introduce sunlight via the careful positioning of several sun tunnels.  This will help to ensure your loved ones enjoy the beautiful new home.

The possibilities regarding your basement are almost endless; it is a valuable and frequently unused space in any home.

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